The Confidence Collective Minimind

Are you ready to break free from self-doubt, unleash your full power,
and create a powerful unapologetic brand presence?

The Confidence Collective Minimind is a six-week comprehensive,high-intense group coaching program designed for minority business owners who are ready to supercharge their confidence & develop an intentional strategic plan for amplifying their brand visibility both online and offline

Stop allowing analysis paralysis & imposter syndrome to hold you back!

You have gained traction in your business but feel like you aren’t leveraging your brand visibility to your highest potential. You know that in order to gain a crystal-clear vision of your brand visibility it will require you to confidently share your story, amplify your message, and connect on an even deeper level with your people. BUT YOU FEEL STUCK!

You know that hitting your goals and making an impact will require you to fearlessly step in front of the camera and captivate your audience. It also requires you to silence your inner critic and be unapologetic with your voice. And most importantly feeling more confident in yourself, and your decisions, so you can have the life and business of your dreams.



Adriana went from stagnating on launching a new brand to executing her brand and reaching over 2K+ on Instagram

Adriana came to the Confidence Collective needing an extra push of accountability to launch her new brand on social media and let go of fear of judgment to increase her visibility. Adriana has EXTENSIVE knowledge as an Estate Planning attorney. And it was time for her expertise to SHINE, especially with the launch of her brand, Madrina Legal!

Through the confidence collective, Adriana gained extensive knowledge about the way social media works for her brand. Within two weeks of the program, she launched Madrina Legal’s Instagram and TikTok, reaching over 4k in 48 hours with her videos. Adriana went live for the first time and increased her confidence when it came to putting herself out there. By the end of the program, Adriana increased her public speaking and time management skills.  Adriana credits the community support of the collective and individualized coaching in helping her achieve her wins. 

There are three objectives of my Confidence Collective Minimind

  1. Owning Your Confidence by tackling how to silence your inner critic when it comes to public speaking, building your self-esteem to put yourself and your brand “out there,” by being on camera and using your voice to share your story & message and getting out of your comfort zone when it comes to in-person networking visibility opportunities. 
  2. Helping you create better routines around your energy, time & visibility. Focusing on how and where you spend your time, regaining a sense of control over your social media usage (creating vs consuming), creating a solid content creation process, managing your energy by batching your schedule, organizing and automating tasks and prioritizing goals that are in alignment with your life and business.
  3. Clarifying Your Message by crafting a powerful brand story & narative so you can connect on an even deeper level with your “gente”- your people and build a strong community.

This Minimind is for…


Established service-based owners /coaches. You have some traction in your business (you are already making money) and are ready to have next-level growth with your visibility, confidence, money and impact.


Those who are tired of playing small. Disrupting and dominating your industry is a TOP PRIORITY for you. And you have a deep level of understanding that change comes from the uncomfortable. In order to grow, you need to make high-level investments in yourself and your future self. 


Those who are self-starters and understand that you are 100% responsible for your results. You are someone who DOES NOT have a track record of failure to implement. You are ready to take action RIGHT NOW.


Those who WANT coaching from someone who has been there before and understands your culture, your lifestyle, and your desires. You value locking arms and cocreating with a passionate and energetic coach. 

The Confidence Collective Minimind is a 6-week group coaching program


6-week program including six (6) group coaching calls held on Zoom

60-minute Private 1-1 Coaching Session for each cohort member throughout the six weeks of the program.

90-minute training on strategic planning & vision projections

Video Tutorials, Webinars and Accountability Buddy and Collective Challenges

Private WhatsApp Chat for additional coaching & accountability. Be in a community with like-minded Minority owned/ Latina professionals, executives, and business owners. Some of the most powerful hustlers and legacy builders in their respective industries.  

Celebration Call to acknowledge your accomplishments and achievements.


  • Conquer your fear of public speaking, both on-camera and in-person. Have the ability to consistently create talk-to-camera videos, voice-over videos, and go live. Attend networking events that align with your visibility goals. Speak with authority, charisma, and conviction.
  • Craft a powerful unapologetic brand story and message that resonates and deepens your relationship with your audience. Have an understanding of which content pillars, formats, and types work for your brand. And audit your profile and analytics to know which is working and what to improve upon. 
  • Master time management and productivity to optimize your brand-building efforts. Have a content process and systems to efficiently allocate your time to achieve your goals.
  • Unlock unshakable confidence in your decisions. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a more confident version of yourself.
  • Have a supportive community of like-minded individuals who will help you to stay accountable, and provide guidance and wisdom to help amplify your influence.


Two Payment Options




2 Payments of


14 Days Later

Katrina went from lacking visibility & clarity in her offers to booking out her workshops and having a consistent content process 

Katrina is the founder of The Verve Counseling providing counseling services and community workshops. When Katrina joined The Confidence Collective, she wanted to get on track for a more consistent mindset and have a consistent plan to market my business offerings online. 

​Through the program, Katrina sold out her first IN-PERSON WORKSHOP, had three leads come from her Instagram account, increased her skills in public speaking and visibility moving from a rating score of 1.5 to 4, and left the program with a solid plan and idea of what to post, how to have it flow and align with what her offers are. Katrina credits that the consistency of the coaching calls and having a community holding her accountable helped build connection and engagement.

Carolyn went from lack of systems and organization to having a content process that works for her energy output

Carolyn is a brand designer & digital marketing Strategist. Since the program, Carolyn’s reels and tiktoks reached 20.7K people on Instagram, a 75% increase from the previous month, 2.2K engagement, a 95% increase from the previous month, an increase of 700 followers, a 95% increase. She was able to gain clarity on her time management on how much time she was spending creating content and where to outsource and delegate. 

Carolyn was able to build out a content process that works for her energy output, having a defined content calendar with defined content pillars, types, and -formats to targether ideal clients.

My clients love having me as their coach because I deliver results!

Let my clients share their experiences with YOU!

Laura went from not having a system for content creation to having a clear streamlined content process and improving her time management.

Laura came to The Confidence Collective wanting to have a clear system for her content creation. Throughout the program, she was able to log the amount the time it takes to develop blog content, gain clarity on time management, and learn tools and resources to help achieve goals related to social media marketing and content creation. Because of this, she was able to gain confidence on how to better manage her energy, where to outsource and gain insights on the systems needed to make improvements with blog creation.  

I’m Christina, a four-time award-winning social media & business coach & TEDx Speaker

I’m on a mission to help Latina entrepreneurs feel more confident and unapologetic in their visibility, online and offline. I’m an expert in online marketing, strategic planning, community building, and public speaking. If you’re a driven, goal-oriented visionary and need support, accountability, and confidence then I’m your coach!

  • I have over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, business & online marketing and public speaking
  • I’m asked to speak at some of the most prestigious organizations including TEDx, We All Grow Latina, Poderistas, NAWBO
  • I have opened up the doors for visibility & impact for various minority-owned businesses in the state of Texas through my Hustle + Socialize Conference
  • I’ve helped leaders, coaches, and executives generate over $500k in revenue over the last decade

Are you 100% committed to investing in your success and unleashing your brand’s true potential? If the answer is YES, apply to the Confidence Collective Minimind! Enrollment begins Monday, January 22- Friday, February 2 at 11:59 p.m CST .

ONLY 10 Cohort Spots are available. APPLY TODAY!

Together, we’ll co-create your remarkable transformation and unlock the greatness that lies within you! 

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