Private Coaching

Are you ready to break free from overwhelm,
have a healthier relationship with marketing yourself,
and create a powerful unapologetic brand presence?

Private coaching is a 3-month comprehensive, high-intense 1:1 coaching program designed for minority business owners who are ready to have a healthier relationship with marketing themselves, supercharge their confidence & develop an intentional strategic plan for amplifying their brand visibility both online and offline

Stop allowing imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and analysis paralysis to hold you back

Many successful entrepreneurs like yourself experience a love-hate relationship with being visible and marketing yourself on & offline. On one hand, being visible leads to incredible opportunities to connect with your audience and grow your brand. On the other, it can be a source of frustration as you try to navigate the ever-changing algorithms and trends and understand how to effectively put yourself out there to get right in front of your audience and grow your profits.

You have gained traction in your business but feel like you aren’t leveraging your brand visibility to your highest potential. You know that in order to gain a crystal-clear vision of your brand visibility it will require you to confidently share your story, amplify your message, and connect on an even deeper level with your people. BUT YOU FEEL STUCK!

You know that being visible requires you to evolve your marketing and elevate your positioning. It requires you to have a healthier relationship with marketing yourself. Hitting your goals and making an impact will require you to fearlessly step in front of the camera and captivate your audience. It also requires you to silence your inner critic and be unapologetic with your voice. And most importantly feeling more confident in yourself, and your decisions, so you can have the life and business of your dreams.


Drew went from overcoming imposter syndrome to a 250% increase in reach and visibility online.

Drew felt overwhelmed when it came to building his brand & being visible online, especially through video content for his nonprofit. He had launched his nonprofit about a year ago but was struggling to position himself as an authority in the digital sphere. Drew has EXTENSIVE knowledge in non-profit fundraising and leading progressive movements & causes. And it was time for his expertise to SHINE!

Through private coaching, we focused on where he could have the most DIRECT impact with donors and potential fellows through video content. I coached him on strategies he could implement to make him feel confident and comfortable on camera. Because of the video content he was producing, he got a $5K donation ON THE SPOT. And the most incredible win, Drew hosted a live stream of their leadership graduation over the weekend! (he was LIVE for a FULL 10-15 minutes!)

My “Step Into Your Power™ ” framework is the ‘secret sauce’ of my coaching.

There are FOUR objectives of my 1:1 Private Coaching Program

  1. CLARITY around your vision, the offers you are selling, how to speak to your target market, the amount of money you are currently making, and how to EXPAND your marketing to tailor to your revenue goals
  2. CONFIDENCE around your relationship & behavior with social media platforms and showing up on camera and pitching & selling your offers & most importantly, selling yourself. Silencing your inner critic, building your self-esteem to put yourself and your brand “out there” – online & offline, and handling criticism.
  3. CONSISTENCY around your actions, your content process, your brand presence, and pitching. Helping you create better routines around your visibility. Focusing on how and where you spend your time, regaining a sense of control of your schedule by organizing and automating tasks and prioritizing goals that are in alignment with your life and business.
  4. COMMUNITY around online engagement and in-person networking so you can connect on an even deeper level with your “gente”- your people and build a strong community. 

Private Coaching is for…


Established service-based owners /coaches. You have some traction in your business (you are already making money) and are ready to have next-level growth with your visibility, confidence, money and impact.


Those who are tired of playing small. Disrupting and dominating your industry is a TOP PRIORITY for you. And you have a deep level of understanding that change comes from the uncomfortable. In order to grow, you need to make high-level investments in yourself and your future self.


Those who are self-starters and understand that you are 100% responsible for your results. You are someone who DOES NOT have a track record of failure to implement. You are ready to take action RIGHT NOW.


Those who WANT coaching from someone who has been there before and understands your culture, your lifestyle, and your desires. You value locking arms and cocreating with a passionate and energetic coach. 

Private Coaching is a 3-month program


12-week program including twelve (12) coaching calls held on Zoom

90-minute training on strategic planning & vision projections

Private WhatsApp Chat for direct access to me for additional coaching & accountability. 

Mid-Program Webinar: A special 60-minute webinar on a visibility tactic to enhance your content creation skills


Celebration Call to acknowledge your accomplishments and achievements.




  • Unlock unshakable confidence in your decisions. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a more confident version of yourself.
  • Master time management and productivity to optimize your brand-building efforts. Efficiently allocate your time to achieve your goals.
  • Conquer your fear of public speaking, both on-camera and in-person. Speak with authority, charisma, and conviction.
  • Craft a powerful unapologetic brand story and message that resonates and deepens your relationship with your audience
  • Have an increase in visibility and reach across multiple social & digital channels and a loyal community that is ready to amplify your brand. 


Two Payment Options







Jeri-Ashley went from lacking visibility & clarity in her offers to booking multiple speaking engagements and workshops

Jeri-Ashley is a mindful Parenting Expert & Coach helping parents break cycles and parent with purpose. When we started Jeri-Ashley lacked clarity on what she should focus on when it came to her content and selling her offers. She wanted to find more ease creating & posting content and she wanted to increase her visibility to more mamas in San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Through private coaching, we focused on cultivating a content strategy that is in alignment with her direct coaching programs, parenting workshops and training and offers. Within less than 12 months, Jeri-Ashley 10xs her visibility- booking in-person workshops & speaking opportunities, with Babes Support Babes SATX, Mompreneur Brunch, KLMO 989FM, podcast interviews, and collaborating with other entrepreneurs online including IG LIVE SERIES with The Modern Father, & Wellness Coaches.

Omar went from having a love-hate relationship with social media to posting regularly and effortlessly.

Omar is a fitness trainer working to help his clients live their best life with fitness and and inclusive community. When we started Omar was experiencing a lack of motivation to commit to posting original high-value content on a regular basis.

​Through private coaching, we focused on shifting his behavior and getting to the root cause of his relationship with social media and being on camera. We put together a strategic plan he could follow, allowing him to show up unapologetically in his power. Not only did his visibility increase 100+%. our coaching sessions help him built up his confidence in person and online. He is now more centered on his values and what he wants his brand to stand for. He regularly goes live and produces video content including reels, stories, etc increased his confidence to charge & close on his biggest highest package for fitness coaching.

My clients love having me as their coach because I deliver results!

Let my clients share their experiences with YOU!

Katie went from having a love/hate relationship with video to “rolling” out that content

Katie is a baker, and she hit a wall before working together. She knew she needed to be more visible, especially as video content was becoming more dominant but Katie needed direction and a thoughtful plan.

Through my Private Coaching program, Katie got clear on her visibility plan, confidently tested out different forms of video content for her audience to showcase her talents as a baker and to highlight her personal brand “sauce,” and consistently sold out on items every time she would market her Holiday dessert specials on her Instagram and Facebook.

I’m Christina, a four-time award-winning social media & business coach & TEDx Speaker

I’m on a mission to help Latina entrepreneurs feel more confident and unapologetic in their visibility, online and offline. I’m an expert in online marketing, strategic planning, community building, and public speaking. If you’re a driven, goal-oriented visionary and need support, accountability, and confidence then I’m your coach!

  • I have over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, business & online marketing, and public speaking
  • I’m asked to speak at some of the most prestigious organizations including TEDx, We All Grow Latina, Poderistas, NAWBO
  • I have opened up the doors for visibility & impact for various minority-owned businesses in the state of Texas through my Hustle + Socialize Conference
  • I’ve helped leaders, coaches, and executives generate a combined total of over $500k in revenue over the last decade

Are you 100% committed to investing in your success and unleashing your brand’s true potential? If the answer is YES, apply to work 1:1 in my Private Coaching Program. Doors to get your applications in to secure your spot on my client roster for Q1 close Friday, December 22 at 11:59 P.M CST 

Together, we’ll co-create your remarkable transformation and unlock the greatness that lies within you! 

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