Private Coaching

Hey wildly ambitious entrepreneur…
it’s time to SHOW UP AND STAND OUT!

Desiring to unapologetically be more visible online so you can skyrocket your business and take your brand to new heights?

I’m talking MASSIVE impact & results like:

+ Of Video Views

of inquiries in your DMs & inbox

YOU taking big bold action steps

Overcome your fear of visibility with my “Step Into Your Power™” framework. BOLD unapologetic Marketing that scales your INCOME & IMPACT


Getting laser-focused on gaining CLARITY around your target buyer persona and clarifying your brand messaging & strategy


Build CONSISTENCY with your brand & posting schedule with systems and processes that work for you and your energy output


Creating high-quality content that not only brings value but increases your CONFIDENCE to sell and positions you as a POWERHOUSE in your industry


Tap into the COMMUNITY you’ve built online & offline to create more visibility, reach, and revenue

Drew went from overcoming imposter syndrome to a 250% increase in reach and visibility online.

Drew felt overwhelmed when it came to building his brand & being visible online, especially through video content for his nonprofit. He had launched his nonprofit about a year ago but was struggling to position himself as an authority in the digital sphere. Drew has EXTENSIVE knowledge in non-profit fundraising and leading progressive movements & causes. And it was time for his expertise to SHINE!

Through private coaching, we focused on where he could have the most DIRECT impact with donors and potential fellows through video content. I coached him on strategies he could implement to make him feel confident and comfortable on camera. Because of the video content he was producing, he got a $5K donation ON THE SPOT. And the most incredible win, Drew hosted a live stream of their leadership graduation over the weekend! (he was LIVE for a FULL 10-15 minutes!)

Private Coaching is for you if…


You are a service-based business, non-profit, coach & the face of your brand. Or, you have someone designated as the face of your brand


You want laser-focused coaching & strategy and value the investments needed -time and money – to see the transformation & results for your brand


You desire to establish yourself as an authority in your industry both online & offline so you can scale your impact and income


You are tired of playing small and ready to overcome the fear and self-doubt that has been holding you back so you can unlock new opportunities and growth

Private Coaching is a 3-month minimum commitment 


Bi-Weekly 60-Minute Coaching Calls & access to Masterclasses & resources

Direct WhatsApp access to ask questions & support during office hours

A written plan with key strategies & tactics to grow your visibility





PAY IN FULL (includes bonus VIP DAY)



On the fence about Private Coaching?

Let my clients share their experiences with YOU!

Katie went from having a love/hate relationship with video to “rolling” out that content

Katie is a baker, and she hit a wall before working together. She knew she needed to be more visible, especially as video content was becoming more dominant but Katie needed direction and a thoughtful plan.

Through my Private Coaching program, Katie got clear on her visibility plan, confidently tested out different forms of video content for her audience to showcase her talents as a baker and to highlight her personal brand “sauce,” and consistently sold out on items every time she would market her Holiday dessert specials on her Instagram and Facebook.

I’m Christina, three-time award-winning social media & business coach & TEDx Speaker

Starting both of my companies was an accidentGrowing up, I was obsessed with two things: broadcast journalism & the internet. I was fascinated with the digital world, so I built a community online through platforms such as, AOL & Myspace. When I struggled to find a job in the TV News industry, I decided to pivot into public relations & social media marketing. I created a blog called “The Social Butterfly Gal.” I was unapologetically SHOWING UP, PROVIDING VALUE, PROVIDING MY EXPERTISE, AND BEING VISIBLE AS CAN BE! 

The blog turned into launching my two award-winning companies, SBG & Hustle + Socialize. Since 2015, I’ve impacted THOUSANDS of minority-owned business leaders + young Latina girls through 1-1 & group coaching, the Hustle + Socialize conference & community, mentoring, and professional speaking & trainings, which ultimately led to the TEDx stage.

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