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VIP Strategy, Intensives, and Training to level up your Instagram game
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A team of ONE, wearing all the hats on Instagram and in your business & ready to take it to the next level

You have a small yet mighty team that helps you manage your Instagram & ready to level up as you scale

A corporate/non-profit organization/ event looking to hire a social media expert to train their audience on the latest social media trends and tactics


Instagram is CONSTANTLY changing, and in order to take advantage of growth opportunities and innovate with the platform, we’re going to have to elevate the way you market on the platform. That means leveraging all of Instagram’s tools and features like reels, IG Stories, IG live, video to build authority, nurture your audience to either engage with your content or sell your products/service, and have processes that empower you to stay consistent.
You’re here because you know you don’t want to do this on your own. You need someone to bounce off ideas with, someone to provide feedback, and someone who’s going to push you to disrupt the game!  And you’re ready to INVEST and LEVEL UP! That’s where I come IN!

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

You can’t just *Google* your way through your Instagram strategy.

Your strategy needs to be:


Tailored to your unique audience


Tailored to showing up confidently and consistently  


Able to disrupt, stop the scroll, and make you stand out as an industry powerhouse


Able to take the overwhelm away so you can make a bigger impact and make more money


What you need is a passionate, driven strategist that can help elevate your marketing so you can turn followers into hot leads and see your impact increase beyond measures.

Hi, I’m Christina!

Award-winning social media strategist & TEDx speaker

I empower YOU to elevate your Instagram Marketing through 1-1 offers such as VIP Strategy, Intensives, and Speaking/Training.

I live and breathe social media, especially Instagram. I’m the Founder & CEO of Christina SBG, LLC and Co-Founder of Hustle + Socialize, a women’s entrepreneurship conference & community. I’m a two-time award-winning Social Media Strategist and TEDx Speaker.  After failed attempts to break into the TV News Industry, I decided to take my career matters and my destiny into my own hands. I knew there wasn’t a “dream job” because it hadn’t been created yet. I had to build it. I launched my two businesses by leveraging the power of my personal brand & building authority on Instagram.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, my reach & clientele has expanded nationwide. I’ve had the honor of winning prestigious awards in the social media strategy & tactics categories, training thousands of executive leaders nationwide through my signature training series, leading social media for one of the largest cultural festivals in the nation, and had the privilege of presenting a TEDx talk, during a global pandemic, called, “Reimagining The Way We Use Social Media.”

I’m the strategist that will coach you and push you to be the best you can be so your business can thrive on this platform.


Instagram VIP Strategy

This is a high-level 1-1 strategy & coaching experience for those ready to take their Instagram to the next level. My Instagram VIP Strategy is a 90-day program where we work through my framework, “The Intentional Consistency Method”  + receive daily coaching & support through the app, Voxer, & bonus resource material to set your business up for success.

Instagram Intensive

This is a 90-minute Intensive session where you receive personalized brainstorming and guidance towards optimizing your online presence and actionable steps and strategies to confidently improve your Instagram Marketing.


This is for those corporate/non-profit organizations looking to hire a social media expert to train their teams as well as those looking for a social media expert for your summit, conference, private group program, publication, event, or podcast.

“My VIP Day experience was motivating and got me excited. Christina exceeded my expectations in her responsiveness, breaking things down into simple forms, and being there for me daily when I got discouraged and I love the times she challenged me to push myself. She is enthusiastic and brings energy to each of your interactions. She shows you that you can do this with even basic technology available. She has a well-thought-out framework and program to get you started with systems to create content. I am all about the systems. She is your biggest cheerleader. Having Christina on your team is a win!” 

Brandy Monge

“Christina gave me a deeper understanding of how to look at social media as a business tool as well as a platform for my own voice. She helped me get organized in such a way that I can now easily create content that is relatable and relevant to my audience. And on top of all of that, she is so friendly and personable!”

Carrie L Her Hippie Heart

“I would recommend her to anyone that I meet! She’s smart, very knowledgeable about social media, and made putting together a strategy for my business very easy.”

Rob Bernstein, Vice President, Howl at the Moon, LLC

“Christina is an incredible asset to the Fiesta® Commission team! Without her, none of our social media campaigns would have happened. We appreciate all that she does.”

Suzi Otis, Director of Marketing and Sponsorship, Fiesta® San Antonio Commission

”Christina is a game-changer for your business! She always has up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and what is happening with the algorithms.”

Sabrina Stang, Digital Communications Coordinator, VIA Metropolitan Transit

“Christina is a leading expert on social media strategies and event marketing. When I initially met her, I was immediately blown away by not only her breadth of knowledge but her disciplined approach and commitment to creating data-driven results for clients.”

Liz J. Simpson, LinkedIn & B2B Sales Coach, Stimulyst

“Christina is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Her fun-loving spirit, ambitious work ethic, contagious motivation, and passion for social media is encouraging! Her action plan for me was clear, and after each meeting, I left feeling accomplished and ready to make improvements with confidence.”

Luisa Garcia, San Antonio Socialista

“Seriously, this woman has excellent insight & helpful strategies for utilizing social media the RIGHT WAY for your business!​”

Stefanie Amezcua, Feliz Modern

Not sure where to start?


  • My VIP Strategy may be best for you if you need a high-level, custom, Instagram strategy & content plan. You get dedicated 1:1 time with me for 0 days + coaching & support. By the end of the program, you’ll have an action plan that works for you.

  • My Instagram Intensives may be best for you if you need a high-level 90-minute strategy sesh. You get access to actionable advice and guidance + 10 Days of additional support. 

  • My Speaking/Training may be best for you if you’re looking for a Social Media expert to train your organization/team or speak at your summit, conference, private group program, publication, event, or podcast.

Let's Work Together

VIP Strategy, Intensives, and Speaking