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What’s my Speaking style?
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Over the past decade, I’ve taught over 2,000x+ minority-owned business leaders, marketing professionals, CEOs, executive directors, Corporate & Non-Profit organizations, political candidates, elected officials, and young girls how to build a powerful unapologetic brand presence, how to create high-quality content, leverage the power of video, overcome confidence barriers, understand algorithms for bettering their mental health, and hone in on building a BAD A$$ community online & offline.

I’m the Founder and Host

Thank you for the incredible inspiration during your training last night. It has helped me to continue to shift my mindset with my content strategy

Brittany P.

I felt deeply connected and inspired by your social media training. I am in deep admiration for your Hustle + Socialize Conference, mission, and content.  YOU have inspired me to do more for minority-owned businesswomen.

Cynthia R.

You brought so much value and knowledge!  I am eager to start leveling up my marketing game after this training. Thank you for being a Latina inspiration, because we all know how hard it can be.

Nicole M.



Looking for a Social Media & Business expert for your summit, conference, private group program, publication, event, or podcast?

Here are a few of my most-requested talks:


Confidence, Overcoming Self Doubt & Mindset

My Keynote, “Step Into Your Power ™ How Rejection Fuels Your Purpose,” touches on the art of never giving up and provides tangible tools so you can take inspired action toward your purpose. I can also speak on topics such as: managing anxiety as an entrepreneur, overcoming your fear of visibility and showing up, rejection, building confidence etc.

Social Media & Online Marketing

I’ve pioneered my own career path utilizing the power that is social media. I am in expert in and can speak on topics such as: strategic online marketing, building a personal brand, building the know, like trust factor with your content strategy, creating high-quality video content, mastering Video – Reels, Tiktok, Stories, Content Planning & Batching.

Building Community- On & Offline

Community building is in my DNA. I’ve built a successful community and conference of my own. I can speak on topics such as: Steps to build a powerful community online & offline, Types of communities, leveraging data for community building, Leveraging your online presence to make significant connections, Real-Time Social Media for Events etc. 

Christina brought so much life to our monthly Communications Department meeting. She provided valuable insight during her, “A Guide For Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media,” workshop. She is a great speaker! We are thankful she shared her tips and tricks and spirit with us.

Laura Mayes

City of San Antonio

I’m grateful for Christina’s leadership and presence during the February NLC National Institute weekends. Her expertise and skills brought so much value to our fellows. NLC is amazing because of alums like Christina! Thank you for all you do!

Clare Bresnahan English

New Leaders Council -NLC HQ

Christina was on a panel at our YMCA San Antonio Regional EMILE Conference. Hearing her share insights about entrepreneurship and social media were definitely very inspiring, encouraging, and helped me gain confidence. She definitely inspired me to follow my dreams and one day be an inspiring woman in the leadership world just like her.
EMILE Conference Attendee

YMCA San Antonio