Hi, I'm Christina

A four-time award-winning social media & business coach & TEDx Speaker

I desired to be seen and heard.

Little did I know that starting not one, but two companies would be the catalyst for the transformational path I was destined to follow. From a young age, I was captivated by broadcast journalism and the boundless world of the internet. Fueling my passion, I courageously crafted a digital presence & build a community on platforms like AOL and Myspace. When the doors to the TV News industry refused to open for me, I daringly changed course, embracing the world of public relations and social media marketing. Fuelled by a burning purpose, I boldly launched my blog, the now-iconic “The Social Butterfly Gal,” where I poured my heart and soul into every word, unapologetically SHOWING UP, PROVIDING VALUE, and unleashing my social media expertise upon the world.

What began as a blog soon exploded into something far greater, shifting into the realm of coaching & hosting conferences, launching two award-winning companies, SBG and Hustle + Socialize. Since its fiery inception in 2015, my journey has been nothing short of revolutionary. I have touched the lives of thousands of minority-owned business leaders and empowered young Latina girls through my unwavering commitment to 1-1 and group coaching. The Hustle + Socialize conference and community have provided a crucible for transformation and growth, igniting sparks of inspiration that have propelled entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Through mentorship and unyielding passion, I have breathed life into professional speaking and transformative trainings, leading me to the prestigious TEDx stage. My vision is resolute, my dedication unwavering, and my impact immeasurable. Together, we shall forge ahead, creating a future where audacious dreams become breathtaking realities.

I've forged my dream businesses with an unwavering commitment to being seen, and now, I'm passing that torch to you!

Through a transformative decade, I’ve emboldened minority-owned businesswomen to seize over $500K+ in revenue for their ventures, harnessing the might of my coaching, conferences, electrifying events, immersive training, and boundary-breaking social media campaigns. I’ve ignited luminaries from CEOs to executive directors, political trailblazers to elected champions.


Here’s the truth: Your presence, both online and offline, is not a luxury but a resounding battle cry. We’re not just seeking your voice – we’re craving it. Your story isn’t just desired – it’s essential. Your mastery isn’t just a commodity – it’s revolutionary. The world hungers for what only YOU can bring. The time is now, the stage is yours for YOU to become an unstoppable force!

Values I Stand Behind:


Passion is connected with your purpose. Therefore, I align with individuals and companies who are extremely passionate about their industry, their work, the people they serve, and the more significant impact that comes with the commitment, energy, and motivation to create your vision of success.


It takes a community of people to build a thriving business & life. It takes connection. Little connections make a big difference– which is why I champion collaboration. I pursue opportunities that empower people by building community, forging new and innovative partnerships and leveraging my SBG/H+S network for building legacy. 


My leadership style is transformational. I aim to inspire change, growth and motivate through vision and focus. I take ownership and responsibility for all thoughts, actions, and committed to active listening techniques so that individuals & peers members feel seen, understood and respected.


I align the most with individuals who value innovation. It is important to inspire confidence & for me to work & partner with those who have a growth mindset, who constantly look for opportunities to do things differently and are always open to new ideas, no matter where those ideas may present themselves. We are not here to play small. 

Thank you for the incredible inspiration during your training last night. It has helped me to continue to shift my mindset with my content strategy

Brittany P.

I felt deeply connected and inspired by your social media training. I am in deep admiration for your Hustle + Socialize Conference, mission, and content.  YOU have inspired me to do more for minority-owned businesswomen.

Cynthia R.

You brought so much value and knowledge!  I am eager to start leveling up my marketing game after this training. Thank you for being a Latina inspiration, because we all know how hard it can be.

Nicole M.



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