Hi, I'm Christina!

I’m an award-winning social media strategist, TEDx speaker,
and Founder & CEO of The Social Butterfly Gal.

After failed attempts to break into the TV News Industry, I realized something…

Hardly anyone in my local San Antonio community was strategically using social media for business. After my final NO during an interview at a TV station, I decided to take my career matters and my destiny into my own hands. I knew there wasn’t a “dream job” because it hadn’t been created yet. I had to build it. I spent the next year building out my personal brand & the foundations of my social media strategy business, which is now known as, Christina SBG, LLC.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, my reach & clientele has expanded nationwide. I’ve had the honor of winning prestigious awards in the social media strategy & tactics categories, training thousands of executive leaders nationwide through my signature training series, leading social media for one of the largest cultural festivals in the nation, and had the privilege of presenting a TEDx talk, during a global pandemic, called, “Reimagining The Way We Use Social Media.”

In addition to the work that I do with SBG, I co-founded a women’s entrepreneurship conference & community called Hustle + Socialize. H+S brings together the most diverse women’s business community of South Texas and curates life-changing experiences through our annual conference, summits, and events.

While I’m passionate about social media & women in business, I’m also very passionate about community organizing & civic engagement.

I serve on the board for New Leaders Council – San Antonio & serve as a member of the Poderistas Power Squad.

When I’m not behind a laptop or working with clients, you can find me exploring San Antonio with my husband Pete! We love to travel, drink coffee at local coffee shops, go wine tasting, and be with our Tuxedo-cat, Maddy. 

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The SBG Guiding Principles

As Founder & CEO of Christina SBG, LLC, I will actively and publicly do the work to educate internal leaders, clients, and partners on anti-racist rhetoric, theories, and behaviors, to dismantle the aspects of racism embedded in our systems and policies, and center justice and equity in our goals, outcomes, and standards.

View SBG’s core values & guiding principles below.


I take pride in my work, skills, and talents and will always bring my A-game to all work interactions and experiences. I’m empowered to make decisions that are best for the long-term health of the company and the clients I serve.


I’m committed to pushing myself and my team to be our very best. I focus on solutions and arrive every day inspired to make an impact through my skills, talents, passion, and hard work.


I’m committed to fostering and cultivating a working relationship/ environment that is open, honest, collaborative, and trustworthy.


I’m committed to aligning the SBG culture and business practices to be a beacon of diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging for all people.


I believe in the power of cultivating the communities I create, giving back to the communities I live in, and creating braver spaces for the communities I serve.


I’m committed to embodying beliefs and attitudes that are focused on a culture of innovation to guide decision-making and ensure my activities are helping my clients and team members reach business goals & objectives.


I believe in creating a culture of accountability. It includes an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence, and to do things in ways that further the goals of our company. Each of us is responsible for our words, our actions, and our results. 

Nurturing the Next Generation

I’m committed to leading by example- investing my time in mentoring and nurturing the talent of the next generation of leaders within my company and my community.

I'm Obsessed With...

  • Coffee
  • Cats
  • Traveling
  • Wine Tasting 
  • Jersey Shore 
  • Late Night Shows- Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel 
  • Chicken Fingers & Mac and Cheese
  • Bread- all types of bread 
  • Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, NSYNC, Drake 
  • Anything 2000s Nostalgia – I’m a true millennial here
  • Grey’s Anatomy – S1-10
  • Meditation, Journaling, Therapy
  • Community building 
  • and of course… social media!

I’m emersed in this social media world. I live it and I breathe it

If you’re wanting to better understand social media and be strategic as you use these platforms moving forward, let’s chat!