In today’s society, we can break any news about our brand right at our fingertips. Social Media has changed the way to receive real-time news and event updates. Consumers & attendees will more than likely flood your DMs and message inboxes first, asking questions before heading to your website.

According to Insignia Communications, social media is changing the way that consumers learn about breaking news because of it:

  • Usually, breaks on social media first.
  • Messaging crosses geographic boundaries more quickly.
  • Active social media users comment, tag, and retweet, which further shares and distributes the content.

When it comes to crisis communication plans, it is crucial to include your social media person on your crisis response management team. Here are the reasons why!

No role can communicate a message faster and to a broader audience than a social media strategist.

Social Media can help expand the reach of your message. A social media strategist has experience piecing together content for each platform and knows how to map out your messages strategically.
When it comes to Facebook, a strategist will know if it’s best to go live, update information in the about section and answer messages & comments promptly.
When it comes to Twitter, a strategist will know how to tweak your press script into creating several 280 tweets. (That’s a skill on its own)
When it comes to Instagram, a strategist will know which hashtags get the best engagement and how to incorporate your message onto Instagram Stories & IGTV.

A Social Media Strategist knows how to create social media policies & guidelines.

Having a social media strategist on your crisis management team who has experience in implementing protocols is a huge plus.
When it comes to preparation, appoint one team member to post updates and comment, one to answer questions from the public and the media, and another to fact check information and correct rumors. (CivicPlus)

When dealing with crisis management here are some things for your social media strategist to consider:

– Turn off scheduled social media posts that are irrelevant with the unexpected disaster.
– When sharing information before or during a press conference, be sure you share Tweets or posts from trusted media partners & news journalists. (Always be sure they have a blue verified checkmark on Twitter)
– Know official hashtags or hashtags that will better enhance your messaging.
– Use a social media listening tool and monitor messages about your brand. (My go-to software tool is SproutSocial)

A social media strategist is an integral part of crisis communication and should be involved in every step of the way.


The Social Butterfly GalAbout Christina: Christina Jovanna Olivarez is a social media strategist, Owner of The Social Butterfly Gal & Co-Founder of Hustle + Socialize. Christina works with your brand to provide the strategy, tactics, comprehensive framework, and solutions you need to attract high-performing engagement on social media platforms consistently. Follow Christina on Instagram @TheSocialButterflyGal.  





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