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When it comes to your business, digital strategy is an important piece of the puzzle. Social media helps increases visibility and helps build trust with your audience. Having a powerful online presence is key! But it does take time and commitment! Trust me, I get you! Your social media strategy shouldn’t make you feel overwhelmed. It should make you feel empowered! That’s why I’m here 100% for YOU!

Hi, I’m Christina! It’s lovely to meet you!

I live and breathe social media & digital strategy, it’s in my DNA. I’ve been passionate about it since the heydays of MySpace and LiveJournal. My excitement and long-time experience helped me launch The Social Butterfly Gal. To often, creatives struggle with visibility, content and consistency. I know the possibilities of growing your business with an effective social media strategy are endless!  I’ve personally seen the value of an amazing social media strategy and so have my clients too! Whether you’re a small biz owner, a blogger or brand, I’m here to bring to life a transformation like no other! So stop fearing and let’s get to work! Ready to be a dream team?

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