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Hi, I’m Christina! It’s so lovely to meet you!

I live and breathe social media & blogging, it’s in my DNA. I’ve been passionate about it since the heydays of MySpace and LiveJournal. My excitement and long-time experience helped me launch The Social Butterfly Gal. I created this biz to help #BossGals like YOU transform your ordinary online presence into an extraordinary one.  Whether you’re a small biz owner, a blogger or brand, SBG is ready to help you fly. Ready to be a dream team?

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Recent on the Blog

How I Organize My Blog Content + FREE Content Calendar

A successful blog is one that is strategic. In the two years that I’ve been blogging, I learned that you must blog with intention-meaning that every single post you dish out must benefit and provide value to your audience. When I started my blog in 2014, I had no...

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#SBGBossGalFashion: Five Ways to Rock a Romper This Summer

It’s officially Summer, and here in Texas, our Summers are always hotter than heck! Of course, my boss gal fashion picks during the summer months are always ATDRP (Anything That Doesn’t Require Pants). This Summer, I wanted to be somewhat of a rebel and be bolder with...

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