Social Media can help expand the reach of your message. A social media strategist has experience piecing together content for each platform and knows how to map out your messages strategically.

But what happens when your brand finds itself dealing with a crisis?

Take it from some popular social media experts:

“This is not the season to be quiet; this is the season to communicate.” – Jenna Kutcher

“This presents brands and social media managers with the unique challenge of embracing an unsettling time—becoming as human as possible on their social media channels—while juggling the necessary bit of marketing and selling needed to stay in business,” states social media expert Steph Gilbert.

So how do you go about posting on social media? And what should you post?

In an article posted by Later, they mentioned that in our current crisis climate, brands should keep on posting.

“Your followers are spending more time online than ever before, and you want to stay connected to them! If you’re unable to market or sell your products or services right now, focus on sharing content that aligns with your brand values instead.’ (source: Later)

Here are several tips on how to tweak your social media messaging during a crisis.

Shift your brand’s tone and voice

During hard times or a crisis, it is crucial to recognize that your brand’s tone should reflect what is happening in your community. Your brand should be empathic with all messaging. Every single one of your followers may be going through something different, so before you decide to continue to post a promotion or sale, remember to acknowledge the situation and assure your audience you are coming from the right place.

Focus on being a service to your community

Think about content that your brand can create that would be helpful to alleviate or solve any problems. If you were running a social media ad/campaign, pivot those campaigns into messages that are relevant for the time being.

Ways your brand can provide value:
– Sharing educational content
– Sharing relevant information
– Sharing messages of hope


Create savable content

Your graphics are just as important as your social media copy. With the ability to share native posts into Instagram stories, your brand should shift and focus on providing relevant graphics for your community.

Here are some savable graphic ideas
– Quotes
– Infographics
– Tips
– Important information for your community


Remember, Don’t be too hard on yourself. Focus on listening to your audience during a situation or crisis.


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