When thinking about your social media, does it give you a headache? You don’t have time for everything, but you know without a doubt there are many ways to improve your social media game.
These easy-to-implement tweaks to your social platforms can explode business growth and get you more customers, with minimal effort on your part.

1. Improving your social media bios

Do you have a bio that contains nothing but emojis? You’re doing it all wrong, sister! Your social media bio description is the place to showcase what you do, who you work with, and your WHY.

The Social Butterfly Gal Instagram Bio


Think about the people who are new to your profile. How would you introduce your brand to them? Your profile should briefly describe exactly the people you help and how you help them.

Here are some examples from some of my favorite business women


2. Using relevant hashtags

Using relevant hashtags on Instagram is a great way to gain more targeted followers who may eventually purchase your products or services. There are plenty dos and don’ts when it comes to hashtags- a big don’t THIS: #chicken #store #ThisIsNotTheWayToHashtag

Here is a quick way to find relevant hashtags: Take a look at what some of the leaders in your niche use as hashtags. Once you click on one of the hashtags, you will notice other related hashtags that people use.

Take your Instagram posts one step further, and have a call-to-action in your descriptions. Lead them to your latest product or service that you offer, ask them a question, or direct them to your website.
I have two posts for you all about hashtags: 50 Hashtags Every Female Entrepreneur Should Use on Instagram and Dos and Don’ts of Hashtags

3.Ask your audience questions + feedback

Have you ever heard of the saying, “you never know until you ask?” We often forget that the people we are communicating with on social media are real, live human beings. Focus on building a deep connection with your followers. These people will turn into your biggest fans, always buying your products and services as well as sharing your brand with everyone they know.

Social media isn’t just a one-way straight; it has the word “social” in it for a reason. That means YOU have to engage just as much as they do. By developing a deeper relationship, you will begin to learn exactly the type of content, products, or services they want to purchase.

4. Respond to EVERY COMMENT.

Yes, you heard me, you need to respond to every single comment. Why? Imagine you were in a room, and 15 people complimented you. Would you ignore them?  No, you wouldn’t. At least I hope you wouldn’t. That’s how you need to treat every comment on social media. Each commenter could become a client or customer. Taking the time to respond back will make you stick out from other businesses who won’t take the time to answer back. And responding to comments helps the algorithm. If someone leaves a thoughtful comment, spend a little more time crafting a response. Write how you would say it out loud to the person. You will sound more authentic if you write like you’re speaking directly to that person.

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The Social Butterfly GalAbout The Social Butterfly Gal: I’m Christina, founder of The Social Butterfly Gal. I’m a online branding consultant, social media expert & community builder. I help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses by teaching them how to be confident online. In between the sips of coffee, social media notifications and writing, you will find me living up to my brand name; being a social butterfly; attending various networking and local events around San Antonio, TX.