It seems like every day Instagram’s algorithm changes. One of the ways you can stay in the loop is by following Instagram’s blog or their help center or by subscribing to Ad Espresso by Hootsuite.

However, some of their changes aren’t being announced anymore which means you have to try and solve their algorithm puzzle. I’m here to share a couple of recent updates to their algorithm as well as some tips to help you survive it like a boss!

Instagram Algorithm Update 1: Decline in exposure.

When you post something on Instagram, it may only be exposed to 10% of your audience. If your brand new post gets enough engagement right off the bat, it would then be released and shown to the remaining 90%. So if you’ve been wondering why one post gets 1/10 of the engagement of another post, this could be why.

How do I survive this?

You need to think like your audience. What content do they crave? What content do they interact with the most? And what times are my audience on Instagram? Studying your analytics with data visualization is one of the most proactive things you can do to survive the algorithm. Along with Instagram’s analytics, I use the app PLANN to study my weekly and monthly engaging content.

PLANN Instagram Analytics

PLANN Instagram Analytics

Another way to survive the decline of exposure is by posting Instagram Stories. Now stories are playing a huge roll in this algorithm as well. Be sure to tag locations & use hashtags in stories! All of these small details can give you a big boost.Keep posting, and when people reply to your stories, try to respond promptly!

Instagram Algorithm Update 2: Shadow Ban

If you’re like me and rely heavily on Instagram for marketing, then you’ve probably have heard about the shadow ban that has been affecting many accounts over the course of the year. If you haven’t, read my blog post by clicking here. In a nutshell: Instagram has been filtering out accounts that aren’t complying with their terms via Instagram Comment Pods, Bots, Hashtags, etc.

How do I survive this?

Hashtags that you post in the comments of your post will no longer display under search results. You must now include hashtags in the body of your caption. Also, don’t use the same hashtags over and over! Instagram will think you’re a bot and will shadowban your post. The Small Business Blog, in their guide on these bots, talks about how these companies function basically. Those businesses opting for the services of bots might want to consider the reviews and ratings before blindly entrusting your brand with them. Some of them could be the biggest scam out there whose only aim is to empty your pockets. At the beginning stage of your business, you don’t want to face such troubles! Therefore, look what are the best possible measures you can adopt yourself, instead of seeking help from others. Hashtags could be a great option for getting real instagram followers and getting posts out there, so be sure to continue using them!

Utilize the new feature “Follow Hashtags” to stay on top of posts. Do you have a hashtag you like to follow? Follow it and posts will now be curated into your feed.

Instagram Algorithm Update 3: Going back to the basics.

Just like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said about Facebook’s News Feed changes and how their focus is to get Facebook back to the basics of community, same with Instagram. *In case you didn’t know Facebook owns Instagram*

How do I survive this?

ENGAGE. ENGAGE, ENGAGE! This is how Instagram wants to work. They don’t want you to be a selfish Instagram user only signing on to post photos & check analytics.
Sometimes you have to get on Instagram to interact with the people you follow.

If I didn’t already say this, here it is again. Instagram want’s us to be acting more like real people. They want to see us authentically conversating with each other. So, although you’ve got to get up that epic selfie, you took, take a minute just to explore a bit & leave GENUINE real comments. It doesn’t matter how many followers someone has – they might have thousands if they have been using Kicksta, or they may only have a few – but if you like a photo, then comment as well! Engage because you mean it.