Influencer Marketing has now become widely popular among brands, more so micro-influencer marketing. But what is a micro-influencer?

Hubspot defines a micro-influencer as individuals who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers on social media. 

There is so much value in working with a mico-influencer; for starters, these individuals have an engaged audience. Because of the smaller number of their following, micro-influencers engagement rates are higher than someone who has 20K followers or more. (HubSpot)


Micro-influencers also are more authentic. They are not a paid celebrity – they are ordinary people who are not afraid to be REAL about a product or service. They are also very affordable. Instead of charging $10,000 for a post or an Instagram Story takeover, you can find some micro-influencers charging between $150-$500 a post.

If you’re thinking about including micro-influencers in your 2020 social media marketing strategy, here are a couple of questions you should ask your team before you work with them

Question 1: How are we going to vet them?

Vetting micro-influencers is very important because you want to be sure the people representing your brand are aligned with your mission, vision, and goals. The vetting process can be numerous things but here are three things I tend to look for
– Audience Engagement
– Audience Demographics
– If they’ve already used our products or have they been to one of our events before?

Question 2: Are they loyal?

There no doubt that every brand who works with a micro-influencer wants a loyal individual. Ask your team if this individual is not only dependable but if they have a great work ethic. If you plan on working with micro-influencers, you’re going to want someone who is a doer and someone that can create content and deliver right on time for the deadlines needed.

As for loyalty, yes, you want someone who is a loyal person but even more, if they are loyal to the brand. A big question to ask your team when vetting micro-influencers is how loyal they are to the brand. Has this person posted about you before? What is their digital footprint with your brand? Have they tagged you before? If you know someone is loyal to your brand, asking them to be a micro-influencer would be a no brainer to them.

Question 3: Does their fee align with your budget?

Many micro-influencers have a media kit with a set fee. As a brand, you can have several options for compensation. You can have a set budget for the campaign and be upfront with the micro-influencers you want to work with, or, you can ask a micro-influencer what their fee is and base your campaign budget around that factoring in the number of micro-influencers you want to use.

Question 4: What is the goal/ expectation for the campaign?

Every micro-influencer campaign MUST have a goal.
Your goals can be traffic to your website, increase profile views on Instagram, an increase in sales of products, etc.
It is essential to set expectations surrounding when you want them to posts, and the number of posts they are expected to create. It’s also important to remind them about any hashtags you want them to use and to disclose that they received compensation. It is required for ALL influencers to disclose.
When you are clear about expectations and schedule of services, it makes the process working with micro-influencers a whole lot easier.

Question 5: Do we have a contract in place?

Before working with a mico-influencer, make sure you have a contract or terms of agreement ready to go!



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