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1-On-1 Consulting

My 1-on-1 consulting is for female entrepreneurs, marketing teams, and established brands who are mentally and financially ready to commit to long-term business growth. We’ll work together to transform your online presence focusing on improving your overall brand & help you strategize a social media plan that fulfills the goals you have for your business/brand. I have various consulting packages + customizable packages to fit your needs.

The Swarm Society

The Swarm Society is my membership community made up of ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership. TSS provides women with access to industry leaders and actionable business strategies to build and scale successful businesses. Your membership experience includes monthly in-person professional/personal development workshops held every second Monday of the month + a private Facebook community for opportunities of collaboration and education.

Corporate/Organization Workshops

I’m here to help accelerate your team’s professional development with interactive & personal workshops. I cover topics such as social media marketing, digital marketing trends, building a brand & more. I also offer speaking opportunities such as public speaking, panelist opportunities + more.

I 100% recommend the Social Butterfly Gal!

Working with The Social Butterfly Gal opened my eyes. Before, I was a little overwhelmed and unorganized. My sessions with her combed through my social media accounts and had a natural step-by-step process.  I felt so comfortable talking to her.

Christina is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Her fun-loving spirit, ambitious work ethic, contagious motivation, and passion for the social media life is encouraging! Her action plan for me was clear and after each meeting, I left feeling accomplished and ready to make improvements with confidence.

Luisa Garcia

MyEducation Solutions


Can you help me understand how you base your pricing and a breakdown, please?

It’s important to know the results you’re wanting to achieve before reaching out to inquire about working with The Social Butterfly Gal so I may assist you as best as I possibly can. I base my pricing on the value, knowledge, research, education, time, and assets I bring to my clients. My pricing is quoted on the total value of our six month working relationship and may be broken into installment payments.  When you work with me, you get my undivided attention, my knowledge & skills and my experience. Note* It is important to understand that this is a two-way partnership. In order to see results, you must commit to putting in the work. That means, showing up on time for sessions, making social media + your brand a priority, doing the work, and be willing to be coachable.

Here is a breakdown of everything that is involved for each area we focus on:

Consulting on objectives and goals- Time spent developing business + brand + social media objectives and goals with the client to measure results. Creating focus area tactics and actionable steps to ensure growth. Understanding why you use social media. 

Researching Target Market and Competitors: Extensive time spent in researching your top two competitors and conducting a full competitor audit. Extensive time spent researching your target market and conducting a full target market audit.

Developing a brand message framework- During our sessions, we will spend a whole session to develop a framework that contains brand messaging, brand voice and tone guidelines, brands your customers like, terms your brand uses, and market trends. Extensive research included. You will have access to this in our Trello Board. 

Creation of branded graphics: During our sessions, we will work together to create branded templates on your FREE Canva account for  your brand’s blog posts, YouTube, digital marketing collateral,  Instagram Stories, Instagram feed, Pinterest, and more. 

Developing a Content Audit: Time spent in developing a complete content audit that will help you understand which topics, types of content and distribution channels have been working (or not working) up until now. Conducting a review of your social media analytics  + monthly analytic reports. 

Developing a Content Strategy Framework: During our sessions, we will developing a content strategy template to build consistency across all social media platforms the client uses. All content ideas/topics are researched to clients brand identity and audience. NOTE *The client is responsible for daily captions + implementation and interacting with followers.

Teaching Follower Growth Strategies: Teaching the client organic follower growth strategies to be used on Instagram + Facebook, blogs etc. 

Developing Consistency Tactics: Teaching the client how to use specific systems and tools to help aid in posting consistently such as social media scheduling tools and batch content tactics. Holding the client accountable by communicating in our SLACK channel. Setting up text reminders to ensure daily postings. Help the client by creating to-do lists and homework.

Educating on New Digital Marketing Trends: Educating the client on new strategies and tactics for social media platforms.

Creating Video Content Ideas: Helping the client to create video content ideas + connect them to a freelance videographer for additional video work.

Conducting Social Media Campaigns – Influencer Marketing: Connecting the client to influencers + traditional media that can aid in visibility for the brand and create a loyal audience. Building influencer lists, working directly with the influencers. Creation of campaigns, Creation of events, etc. 

I'm curious, who do you work with?

I work with teachable people who align with my core values. I work with women entrepreneurs, marketing teams, CEO’s + corporate/organizations that have an established marketing budget. Industries include local community brands, restaurants, retail, hotels, festivals, fashion, real estate, and technology brands, just to name a few! I offer a variety of packages that are right for you!

To see the brands I’ve worked with, please visit my clients page. Click here to view.

Why do you do six month/long-term contracts?

I’m a results kind of gal. In order to effectively make a long-lasting impact on your business, we need to develop a long-term working relationship. In marketing, it can take up to three months to see tangible results. By having long-term contracts, I’m able to get to know your brand, your online marketing habits and focus on high-level activity that brings long-lasting results.

When are you available for booking?

I have limited spots available! My calendar does fill up pretty quickly so if you’re ready to get started TODAY, fill out the “Client Request Form” ASAP!

What payment methods do you accept?

All invoices will be sent via Dubsado, my client management software. I accept payments via Square and Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and more. All prices are presented and billed in US dollars.

In regards to payments/invoicing, you must pay ON the date the invoice was sent out! NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO LATE FEES. If you are late with your payment, an additional $20 will be added to each day. NOTE*All payments are non-refundable and must be paid-in-full and on the date of the invoice. I reserve the right to refuse completion of services until past due balances are paid.

What if I have more questions or want to follow you on Social Media?

You may email me at & follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 

I live, breathe, eat, and sleep social media.

I went from launching The Social Butterfly Gal on my couch to conducting social media strategy efforts to top brands such as Yelp San Antonio, Fiesta San Antonio and the San Antonio Fashion Awards. I serve on the board as “Community Manager” for the San Antonio Chapter Women In Digital & soon will serve on the board for The National Institute for Social Media. The San Antonio Women’s Entrepreneurship Work Group branded me “The Digital Queen.”  In 2017, I was a nominee for NAWBO San Antonio’s Women Business Award. My why for my business is to empower YOU with actionable steps you can implement right away that will lead you to a more profitable & sustainable business.

The best part? I’m here to work with you every step of the way!