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Time to craft a powerful digital strategy, take action, and GROW!

You are the owner of an established business and have had success. But when it comes to marketing your business on social media, you struggle with these things:




Time Management

Building an effective content strategy

Utilizing New Trends


Social media for business takes time, research, and consistency. According to statistics, 73.4% of users follow a brand because they’re interested in the product or service. And more than 56% of online adults use more than one social media platform. That means that your business has to be on its A-game when it comes to creating killer content and engaging customers. Can we agree that doing all that by yourself is overwhelming?

But what if you don’t have to do it alone? What if you had someone guiding you? What if you had someone holding you accountable? What if you had someone connecting you to top influencers? What if you had an effective digital presence that you can trust is setting up your business for growth? How would that make you feel? 


That’s where The Social Butterfly Gal’s services come in!

The Social Butterfly Gal (my gal Christina) really opened my eyes. Before our meeting I was a little overwhelmed and unorganized. My sessions with her combed through my social media accounts and had a step by step easy process of revealing the needs of my services for my clients. I felt so comfortable talking to her. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced, her fun loving spirit, ambitious work ethic, contagious motivation and passion for the social media life is so encouraging! Her action plan for me was clear and I left the meeting feeling accomplished and ready to make improvements with confidence. I look forward to our next meeting. She is a mentor for life! I 100% recommend the Social Butterfly Gal!

Luisa Garcia

Marketing Specialist, MyEducation Solutions

My services are meant for you if…

  • You’re an establish business/lifestyle brand with a marketing budget looking to take your digital platforms to the next level.
  • You’re ready for sustainable growth, profit, and fulfillment.
  • You’re longing for an effective social media strategy. One that works for YOUR business!
  • You’re wanting to increase sales & achieve your business goals.
  • You’re ready to create buzz with your business. 
  • You’re in need of accountability and guidance.
  • You’re ready to make confident decisions.

Here’s what we will do together…

  • We will create & execute a solid social media plan.
  • We will enhance your branding and craft your unique message.
  • We will connect with top local influencers so your business can grow and flourish.
  • We will find clarity about what your next steps should be.
  • We will focus on what really matters to you and your business.
  • We will hold each other accountable.
  • Most importantly, we will define the digital strategy goals for your business and break it down into steps to help you find solutions to your problems and find a path towards success. 

Ready to work together?

Social Media Strategy

Committed to helping your business build an effective social media plan, improve your overall brand message and help you become digitally savvy so you can master new digital marketing trends to increase your sales & grow your business.

Event Marketing

Dedicated to building strong brands in-person by getting your business in front of top local influencers & the public with a strategic, brand-cohesive event to highlight your product, grand opening, etc.

Speaking/ Workshops

Wanting an interactive & personal workshop for your team? Or looking to have a speaker/ panelist for your next conference? I cover topics such as social media, building a brand & more.


How do you onboard clients & what is your process like?

If you’re interested in becoming a client, click “Book Now” to book a 15-min inquiry call. You will be taken to my Acuity calendar where you will select the service you are inquiring about followed by an intake form. Once I receive your form, I will begin by creating a brand/ social media analysis. During our call, we will go over that analysis as we also talk about your business and answer any questions about our potenital working relationship.  Once you agree to become a client, you will receive a welcome packet which contains: a client contract, information about your service package & meeting schedule, a link for our Trello board, and an invoice for 50% of the first months payment and invoice payment schedule.  Note* A 50% deposit of the first months payment is non-refundable and is needed upfront in order to secure your spot! 

Who do you work with?

I work with a wide range of local businesses & lifestyle brands.  I offer a variety of services that are right for you! To see the brands I’ve worked with, please visit my clients page. Click here to view.

What payment methods do you accept?

All invoices will be sent via Freshbooks. I accept payments via PayPal and Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and more. All prices are presented and billed in US dollars.

Do you accept payment plans?

I do accept payment plans for both events & social media strategy. The contract is split into three monthly payments. You must pay ON the date the invoice was sent out! NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO LATE FEES. If you are late with your payment, an additional $20 will be added to each day. NOTE* I reserve the right to refuse completion of services until pass due balances are paid.

When are you available for booking?

I have limited spots available! Interested? Let’s chat!

What if I’m not ready to become a long-term client?

If you’re not ready to become a long-term client, I have other options for you such as my A La Carte services.

What if I have more questions or want you to be a guest speaker or panelist?

You can always follow me on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and DM me, or email at


I’m here for YOU! I’m dedicated to helping your brand achieve long-term success when it comes to your online presence! Through strategic planning, increasing online visibility, and connecting your brand with top influencers, I’m here to lead & assist you every step of the way!

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