Elevate Your Instagram With VIP Strategy

A Transformative 90-Day 1:1 Strategy & Coaching Program that 
Empowers Business Owners/ Brands to be 
Intentional & Consistent so they can market on Instagram with Confidence

It’s time to take your Instagram strategy to the NEXT LEVEL!


Imagine having a strategic content plan that removes the constant worry of wondering what you should post next and helps you stay consistent. If you’re here, it’s because you are passionate about your business/brand, and you want MORE out of Instagram. You want to build trust and connection and community but wonder how to do this when Instagram is CONSTANTLY changing. You spend so much time on Instagram- trying to figure out & perfect everything, like video content, and it makes you want to tear your hair out. You’re starting to get discouraged because you feel a bit awkward showing up on video or don’t know how to translate your message and your brand story here on Instagram. 

If you want to drastically increase your impact and visibility on the ‘gram and, in return, build a successful community-driven brand, we will have to elevate how you market on the platform.  That means leveraging all of Instagram’s tools and features like reels, IG Stories, IG live, and video so you can confidently build authority, nurture your audience to engage with your content or to purchase your services, and have processes that empower you to stay consistent.

What you need is a custom Instagram strategy that allows you to...


Understand and effectively prioritize the right intentions on Instagram to help you achieve your goals over time


Feel confident with your brand message and core values so you can harness the power of storytelling on Instagram


Know how to show up and use ALL of Instagram’s features like reels, stories, live and no longer feel overwhelmed by them


Have clarity with your posting schedule with a plan you can follow, and have systems that work in your favor to show up consistently


Attract and convert potential clients into customers with content that speaks directly to them 


Deepen your engagement and build a long-lasting relationship with your community that is loyal to your brand


Instagram VIP Strategy

This is a transformative 90-day 1:1 strategy & coaching program where we work through my signature framework, “The Intentional Consistency Method.™.” 
(Projections, Prioritizing, Planning, Processes) to build you a custom strategy. Together, you’ll learn how to overcome mindset blocks around content creation, show up confidently on video and all of Instagram’s features, and have a strategy/systems + action plan that you can easily follow so you can stay consistent and see explosive results! 


The VIP Strategy Program Is Made Up Of:

Strategy Calls

 You receive a total of six (6) 1:1 calls (bi-weekly calls a month.) During our calls, we’ll work on combing through your analytics to project your strategy in chunks of time and prioritize your goals/ intentions moving forward. You’ll also receive dedicated time for creating a content bank of ideas that are targeted & speak directly to your audience and build out processes to help you save time with content creation + a repurposing strategy for other platforms.



Supplemental Resources & Tools

You also receive supplemental resources that help you with mindset, branding, profile optimization, hooks/ captions/ call to action writing, and community building.  You’ll receive your own content Trello Board where we will store all things content. This is where we’ll put your new strategy into action with the content brainstorming sesh + create a custom content calendar so you can easily implement, get things done and stay consistent throughout our working relationship.  




Voxer- Daily Coaching and Support

In addition to your strategy calls, you receive daily coaching & support through the app, Voxer. Show up during office hours( M-Thurs: 2:00p.m-4:00p.m Fridays:10 am 12:00p.m CST) submit and receive feedback, ask questions, and get the support you need on specific tactics & strategies throughout our whole working relationship.



Content Challenges & Campaigns

Throughout our working relationship, I provide you with bi-weekly content challenges & sales campaign ideas for your Instagram marketing. I hold you accountable by empowering you to test out content strategies that aid in helping you have a more robust content strategy. We focus on elevating your mindset, Insta Stories, branding, messaging, and community-building skills.



Hear what clients had to say about their VIP Strategy experience


By the end of our VIP Strategy Experience, you will have…


An action plan for creating effective content with confidence

You’ll know how to use Instagram’s latest features when it comes to your content strategy and no longer feel overwhelmed by them


An understanding on how to harness the power of the 'gram

Embracing Instagram as a positive tool to build authority and increase your impact for connection and community


An increase in visibility and impact

Attract the right audience that converts into a loyal community with content that speaks directly to them







(Most Flexible)




(That’s $500 Off) 




(That’s $750 Off) 





Meet Your Instagram Cheerleader + Confidante

I’m Christina Olivarez

(aka: THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY GAL on the ‘Gram)

Believe it or not, I started my social media strategy company because I was STRUGGLING to find a job in the TV News Industry. I started building my brand using social media, Instagram. I went from crying on my couch because of the job search to becoming a social media strategist & coach working with thousands of executive leaders nationwide, leading social media for one of the largest cultural festivals in the nation, and stepping on the TEDx Stage! And it didn’t stop there!

I launched my second company, Hustle + Socialize, a community designed to empower Texas women to build and protect their legacies through annual summits, conferences, and business educational programming

How? The key to my online and offline hustle: I was creating a POWERFUL presence using strategies that showcased my authenticity, passion, and my social butterfly and Socializing self!

I’m so passionate about helping service-based businesses & people like yourself when it comes to social media, Instagram, and personal branding strategy, which why I launched The Social Butterfly Gal in 2015!

I live and breathe social media, especially Instagram. I’ve seen firsthand the power and impact you can have by using these tools to market your business and your services, all you need is someone to GUIDE YOU, EMPOWER YOU, and SUPPORT YOU!

I’m the strategist that will coach you and push you to be the best you can be so your business can thrive on this platform.

If you’re the kind of person who is committed and willing to put in the work necessary to see the results, you’re my people.

So, what are you waiting for? Doesn’t working with me inside of my VIP Strategy Program just make you feel muy excited?

I’m ready, just say when! (ahem, by filling out the application RIGHT NOW)

Securing your Spot on my VIP Strategy Client Roster is Simple…



Fill out the Application

Start the application process by scheduling a date and time to jump on a call with me, followed by filling out the application. (Takes 10 minutes to fill out) Please provide as much detail as you can in the application. If you do not receive the calendar invite for our call, please contact me ASAP.


Call Time- Selection Process

During our call, we will chat about the program process and answer any questions you have about our working relationship! Once your application has been approved, you will be onboarded as a client and receive access to all VIP Strategy details (terms of the agreement, invoice/payment plan schedule, strategy call questionnaire + calendar invites)

The Work Begins!

You are now officially a VIP Strategy client, and our 90-Day Working Relationship Begins!

Meet Alicia Lozano- VIP Strategy Client

“Christina made me a stronger marketer! My content has a purpose now.

I have been searching for three years for the best process to create content and Christina was able to break down her process and show me step by step how I could make creating content easier for me.

I would highly recommend Christina’s VIP Strategy for anyone who is ready to level up their Instagram and start making purposeful content that converts. I was able to book a discovery call within 72 hours of going through the VIP program from an Instagram lead.”


Check out some of Alicia’s results:

Securing Podcast Interviews

Amplifying her brand with a Content Strategy that caught the eyes of podcast interviewers nationwide.



Securing Clients with Engagement Strategy

A Lead Gen process that increased her engagements by 231% and converted followers into clients

A Content Process that Converts

A step-by-step content process that was easy for her to follow and gain traction with her community


(Click on the arrows for more client love)

“My VIP Day experience was motivating and got me excited. Christina exceeded my expectations in her responsiveness, breaking things down into simple forms, and being there for me daily when I got discouraged and I love the times she challenged me to push myself. She is enthusiastic and brings energy to each of your interactions. She shows you that you can do this with even basic technology available. She has a well-thought-out framework and program to get you started with systems to create content. I am all about the systems. She is your biggest cheerleader. Having Christina on your team is a win!”

– Brandy Monge

“Christina gave me a deeper understanding of how to look at social media as a business tool as well as a platform for my own voice. She helped me get organized in such a way that I can now easily create content that is relatable and relevant to my audience. And on top of all of that, she is so friendly and personable!”

– Carrie L, Her Hippie Heart

“I would recommend her to anyone that I meet! She’s smart, very knowledgeable about social media, and made putting together a strategy for my business very easy.”

Rob Bernstein, Vice President, Howl at the Moon, LLC

“Christina is an incredible asset to the Fiesta Commission team! Without her, none of our social media campaigns would have happened. We appreciate all that she does.”

Suzi Otis, Director of Marketing and Sponsorship, Fiesta San Antonio Commission

“Christina is a game-changer for your business! She always has up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and what is happening with the algorithms.”

Sabrina Stang, Digital Communications Coordinator, VIA Metropolitan Transit

“Christina is a leading expert on social media strategies and event marketing.  When I initially met her, I was immediately blown away by her breadth of knowledge and her disciplined approach and commitment to creating data-driven results for clients.”

Liz J. Simpson, LinkedIn & B2B Sales Coach, Stimulyst

“Christina is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Her fun-loving spirit, ambitious work ethic, contagious motivation, and passion for social media is encouraging! Her action plan for me was clear, and after each meeting, I left feeling accomplished and ready to make improvements with confidence.”

Luisa Garcia, San Antonio Socialista

“Seriously, this woman has excellent insight & helpful strategies for utilizing social media the RIGHT WAY for your business!​”

Stefanie Amezcua, Feliz Modern

Is VIP Strategy For YOU?

Not sure? Let’s check!


This Program IS for you if…

  • You’ve been in business (and on Instagram) for a while and still struggle with strategically using Instagram features
  • You’re a team of ONE or have someone who assists with content creation
  • You have no idea what to post, let alone post consistently and want an action plan you can easily follow
  • You’re tired of doing things on your own and need an expert to lead the way in building structure and sparking creativity
  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and want to be more confident in how you show up for your business on the ‘gram
  • You’re committed and willing to invest in a high-ticket offer & put in the work necessary to see the results

This Program is NOT for you if…

  • You’re just starting and don’t have 101 knowledge on how to work the basic functions of Instagram (how to upload & post to stories, reels, feed)
  • You’re wanting basic tutorials or “how-tos” to maneuver Instagram
  • You’re not clear on the exact tangible goals you want for your business on Instagram (more followers is not a clear goal)
  • You’re not willing to adapt, be & get coached, or not open to new ideas and constructive feedback
  • You want quick “viral” success (social is a marathon, not a sprint)
  • You’re not willing to put in the work necessary to see the results- like investing in yourself

Still Curious? 

You’ve got questions, and I’ve got the answers! 
What payment plan options do you offer?

You have the option of the following Payment Options: 

  • 5 Payments of $850 (first due upfront to secure spot, followed by monthly payments)
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $1,250 (first due upfront to secure spot, followed by monthly payments)
  • 1 Payment of $3,500 (pay in full upfront)

Due to the nature of my services, all services are non-refundable.

Am I a good fit for VIP Strategy?

VIP Strategy is made for business owners/ brands, especially service-based businesses/those who are the ‘face’ of their business, or for a team member of yours who is assisting you with content creation & marketing. I’ve worked with those in the following industries: business/life/ coaches, content creators, retail/fashion, government and public affairs, political candidates, non-profits,  festivals and events, real estate, wellness, fitness, education, and training.

If I'm interested, what's my next step?

If you’re interested, please apply! We will jump on a call to discuss your application and answer any questions you have about the VIP program. If it looks like we are a great fit, you will receive an invitation to book your client spot. The invitation contains your agreement terms and an invoice: payment in full or a payment plan deposit to secure your spot. Then you will receive access to Voxer + your VIP Client questionnaire to help prepare for our strategy calls. You must complete the questionnaire within 48 hours of when it was sent! Once all is complete, you’ll receive additional emails with details to help you prepare for your strategy sessions.

My recommendation is to apply ASAP I have limited spots per quarter! The sooner you apply, the sooner you will have priority in revamping your strategy!

What do we cover in the 90-days of the VIP Strategy Program?

My Instagram VIP Strategy is a 90-day program where we work through my Framework, “The Intentional Consistency Method,” (projections, prioritizing, planning, and processes to build you a custom strategy. Together, you’ll learn how to overcome mindset blocks around content creation, gain essential knowledge and skills to show up confidently to market to your audience effectively, and have systems to stay consistent and see explosive results!

VIP Strategy is made up of:

  • Strategy Calls- Our strategy calls are bi-weekly and held on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 1:00p.m-5p.m CST.
  • Daily Coaching & support in Voxer during office hours (Mon-Thursday 2-4:00p.m Fridays: 10am-12:00p.m CST)
  • Supplemental resource material and tools
  • Content Challenges and campaign ideas

 Trust that I will work with you to make implementation more efficient for you and/or your team. Though I encourage you to make the strategy calls a priority, life happens, and sometimes you may have to reschedule. The call will be rescheduled only once. You are not entitled to any refunds if you miss the scheduled or rescheduled strategy session. 

Is there homework during VIP Strategy?

Yes! There are bi-weekly challenges and content homework I provide you with and they are a super important part of the program in order to learn, implement, and grow.

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

In addition to our bi-weekly strategy calls, clients typically spend 4-5 hours a week on Voxer homework/feedback, content creation, engagement, lead gen etc  The 3-months of our working relationship are crucial. Your results, outcomes, etc will be determined by your level of commitment to the strategies and education provided.

Due to the nature of the social media industry, I cannot guarantee the outcome of your results during/after the VIP Strategy Program.  I make no guarantees other than such outcomes provided in any testimonials or reviews shared are not a representation of guaranteed results, only possible results.

You not achieving your desired results is not grounds for a refund. No refunds are available for any service. 

Do you ONLY cover Instagram? What if I want a strategy for other platforms such as LinkedIn, Tiktok etc?

My VIP Strategy focuses on Instagram Strategy. This program will give you comprehensive knowledge and skills in harnessing the power of storytelling, video marketing, personal branding, and community building to market your business/brand on Instagram effectively. So if you want to focus on a TikTok strategy, LinkedIn strategy, or other social media platforms, this program is not the right program for you right now. That being said, many of the concepts you learn can certainly be applied to TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.

Do I have to live in San Antonio, TX to work with you?

You can live ANYWHERE IN THE US! My VIP Strategy Program and my intensive program are offered via virtual via Zoom. I’ve had clients in Texas, California, New York, etc.

 Please let me know if you live in San Antonio, TX, and want in-person strategy sessions during our sales call. 

Can I bring a team member along to our strategy calls?

Yes! If you do not create the content yourself, it’s beneficial to have your content creator, social media manager or assistant be part of the process as we strategize. We can cater the framework to your team to ensure implementation is easy.

What if I have more questions?

Please email me at Christina@thesocialbutterflygal.net. Or send me a DM on  Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook.