The Hustling Caterpillar

The Hustling Caterpillar

You’ve started a business! What you need now is to find your tribe! You know that if you could discover those people, you could gain traction! You’re trying to understand how to brand yourself and your business. Other women entrepreneurs are beastin’ it. If only you could have somebody tell you what to do next, it would be so much easier.

In the hustling caterpillar phase, I recommend you focus on:

  • Building your brand by figuring out your WHY, who your audience is, and their pain points. G
  • Get out there and network!
  • Offer value through blogs and creative social media content.

Business Growth for You:

  • Watch: How To Develop Your Personal Brand
  • Become a Member of The Swarm Society
  • Book a 30-minute Personal Brand Consultation

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