Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

This is for businesses & brands who need intensive digital marketing training and a powerful social media strategy.  During our working relationship, we will: develop social media objectives & goals so you can have direction for your social media strategy. Build competitor analyses so you can see what strategies work & don’t work. Develop a customer behavior analysis so you can discover where your audience is hanging out online and how to effectively reach them. Enhance your brand so you can cultivate a fantastic experience for your customers & followers. Create a buzz-worthy content strategy for the social media platforms you have so you can spend less time on social media and more time running your business. Master new social media trends & video content so you can incorporate them into your strategy and increase your income. Become savvy with specific business tools so you can run your social media/ business effectively. Develop an influencer marketing plan so you can have top influencers rave about your products & services. If you are ready to feel confident about your digital marketing strategy, let’s chat!

Before I started working with Christina my social media numbers didn’t add up to much of anything. I wanted to grow my business and Christina not only listened to what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take my business, but she created a plan and held me accountable to make sure I was following the plan. Because I stuck to the plan and followed Christina’s direction, my social media numbers have doubled and that has allowed me to work with more clients, increase my sales, and post to more platforms without the fear of not knowing what I was doing. I highly recommend Christina!

Adeina Anderson

Social Media Services:

Social Media Strategy Program

A six-month strategy program that targets visibility, branding, content, follower engagement, new social media trends & consistency. *Six-month retainer contract*

Social Media Training

Six-month training program where I train you and your team on utilizing new social media trends to gain a loyal audience and lead generation. *Six-month retainer contract*

Social Media Management

Handling & managing ALL social media platforms from content creation, curating and posting. *Six-month retainer contract.LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE* 

Content Development

Developing & strategizing content for your social media platforms.*Retainer based contract*

Influencer Marketing Campaign

Developing, managing & executing an influencer marketing campaign for your brand. *Retainer based contract*

Social Media Account Set-Up

Helping you get your social media platforms up and running as well as training on formatting pages, bios, etc. *One-time project*

Let’s See If We’re The Right Fit!


I'm interested in your services! What do I do next?

If you’re interested in my services, click the “Book Now” button. You will be taken to my contact page where you will fill out my client intake form. Once I will receive the form and if it looks like we will be a great fit, I will be emailing you my calendar link to book a 15-minute call with me to learn more about your business and what we can achieve together. During the call I will gather all information and will send you a proposal for our working relationship. Once you agree on the proposal for said service + contract term, you will be invoiced the monthly amount & begin the monthly payment plan on date of when proposal, contract and invoice was agreed on. From there a payment schedule will be created. I will then send you all the information on systems & tools we will use throughout our working relationship as well as a meeting scheduled mentioned in the proposal.

How much are your Social Media services?

My pricing for my social media services are tailored to the service need of clients. It is important to fill it the inquiry form in detail so I can get a better understanding on which service fits best with your needs.  All services are retainer based & start off at $1,500/a month. In regards to payment, you must pay ON the date the invoice was sent out! NO EXCEPTIONS AND NO LATE FEES. If you are late with your payment, an additional $20 will be added to each day. NOTE* I reserve the right to refuse completion of services until pass due balances are paid.

I'm curious, who do you work with?

I work with teachable people who align with my core values. I work with businesses & lifestyle brands that have been in business for over 5+ years and that have a well established marketing budget. Industries include, restaurants, retail, hotels, festivals, fashion, real estate, and technology brands, just to name a few! I offer a variety of services that are right for you!

To see the brands I’ve worked with, please visit my clients page. Click here to view.

What payment methods do you accept?

All invoices will be sent via Dubsado, my client management software. I accept payments via Square and Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and more. All prices are presented and billed in US dollars.

When are you available for booking?

I have limited spots available! Interested? Let’s chat!

What if I have more questions?

You can always follow me on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and DM me, or email at


I’m here for YOU! I’m dedicated to helping your brand achieve long-term success when it comes to your online presence! Through strategic planning, increasing online visibility, and connecting your brand with top influencers, I’m here to lead & assist you every step of the way!