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Client Case Studies

The following case studies offer a snapshot of typical results Christina of SBG is consistently able to achieve across multiple Social Media channels:

Fiesta®​ San Antonio- 2019

 Tangential social media strategy & content and influencer marketing campaigns earned my client 14.3 million impressions on all three of their social media platforms from Sept 2018-April 2019. 7.3 million impressions on all three of their social media platforms during the month of April, their festival month.

7.3 million

 impressions on all three of their social media platforms during the month of April.


people engaged on their social media platforms during the month of April.


video views on Facebook from Sept 2018- April 2019. 


people reached during Influencer takeovers 


 organic audience growth on Instagram account from Sept 2018-April 2019


profile views on Instagram in the 10 days of their festival.

Hustle + Socialize- 2019

Tangential social media strategy & content and social media campaigns earned Hustle + Socialize 140.4K  impressions on Instagram from December 2018-June 2019. 50.3K impressions on Instagram during the month of June, their conference month. 


total Instagram engagements in six months. A 15% increase from Hustle + Socialize 2018. 


people reach on Facebook events. H+S has only been promoted through organic, unpaid advertising


had over 235 posts and reached a total of 37.6K users. During the conference, the social media team executed real-time social media which their Instagram coverage had over 40K impressions. 


of ticket sales are from adults in the 25-35 age group.


 profile views on Instagram during June 20-June 23, 2019 event time frame.  


 Instagram Follower Growth in under 6 months

Merkaba- Grand Opening

Social media strategy & content and influencer marketing campaigns earned my client a substantial amount of engagement, resulting in significant organic social media growth for their new location: a rise from 0 profile visitors to 72K impressions in less than three months. 


 Instagram Profile Views during their grand opening week.


 reach on Facebook & Facebook events during grand opening social media campaign



 Organic Growth on Instagram during the grand opening social media campaign. Collaborations with 20 Influencers. Brand Mentions on local lifestyle shows such as SA LIVE, Great Day SA and mentions on local online publications such as SA Current, San Antonio Express News, Rivard Report. 


Here are what clients have to say.

“Christina is a leading expert on social media strategies and event marketing. When I initially met her I was immediately blown away by not only her breadth of knowledge- but her regimented approach and commitment to creating data-driven results for clients. As if that wasn’t enough, Christina launched the Hustle + Socialize conference here in San Antonio- a premiere event that has created an incredible community of women entrepreneurs and creatives. I wholeheartedly recommend Christina and am continually inspired by the strategic moves she is making as a business leader!- Liz J. Simpson, Business Strategist

“​Christina is a game-changer for your business!​ If you’re looking to change up your digital marketing game, you need to hire Christina of SBG. She’s great at what she does and always has up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends and what is happening with the algorithms.  She also communicates well with her clients and goes above and beyond to ensure her clients see results. I 100% recommend Christina for all your digital needs.​”– ​Sabrina Stang, VIA Transit.

“I would recommend her to anyone that I meet! Christina is a lot of fun to work with. She’s smart, a great listener, very knowledgeable about social media, and made putting together a strategy for my business very easy.” Rob Bernstien​, Howl at the Moon.

“Fiesta recruited such an amazing and talented social marketing strategist when they brought Christina on to the team! She is AMAZING and INSPIRING and I just admire her so much. Congratulations on a great campaign!”- Jeannie P, IHeart Radio

“Christina has given Fiesta a worldwide voice and continues to make her mark in this city! Thank you for being you and for pushing excellent work and excellence with your team!”- Luisa Garcia, San Antonio Socialista. 

“Christina brought so much life to our monthly Communications Department meeting. She provided valuable insight during her, “Personal Branding on Social Media,” workshop. We are thankful she shared her tips and tricks and spirit with us.”- Laura Mayes, City of San Antonio. 

“The Social Butterfly Gal gave me a deeper understanding of how to look at social media as a business tool as well as a platform for my own voice. Christina helped me get organized in such a way that I can now easily create content that is relatable and relevant to my audience. And on top of all of that, she is so friendly and personable! If you need to up your social media game, you can’t do better than the Social Butterfly Gal to help get you there!” – Carrie L, Her Hippie Heart

“Seriously, this woman has great insight & helpful strategies for utilizing social media the RIGHT WAY for your business!​” – Stefanie Amezcua.

“Christina runs her business with integrity and brings valuable ideas and contributions to her projects.She is a leader in San Antonio’s social media industry because she delivers on her promise of giving brands confidence in their online presence. She teaches her clients to be first to adapt to new social media platforms and helps her clients reach their intended audiences with ethical and relevant best-practices.”- Melanie Mendez-Gonzalez

“Working with The Social Butterfly Gal opened my eyes. Before, I was a little overwhelmed and unorganized. My sessions with her combed through my social media accounts and had a natural step-by-step process.  I felt so comfortable talking to her. Christina is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Her fun-loving spirit, ambitious work ethic, contagious motivation, and passion for social media is encouraging! Her action plan for me was clear and after each meeting, I left feeling accomplished and ready to make improvements with confidence.”-Luisa Garcia, MyEducation Solutions

“What an amazing soul this woman has! Her passion and determination is like no other. She is making huge impacts in our community and in the social media world. Her laugh is contagious, her focus is on point, and her passion is on FIRE” – The Confidence Creators

“Christina, is a great speaker and brought so much value to our meeting.” – Inga C.

“Great & effective strategies! Loved seeing them and you in action”- Melissa A

“Thank you Christina for all of your amazing work, we’re looking forward to working with you in the future!”- Hank R.

“Thank you Christina for speaking to our students! We appreciate you sharing your expertise! “- CodeUp

“Christina was on a panel at our YMCA San Antonio Regional EMILE Conference. Hearing Christina share insights about entrepreneurship and social media was definitely very inspiring, encouraging, and helped me gain confidence.  I want to become my own boss and at the same time help others in their fitness journey. Christina definitely inspired me to follow my dreams and one day be an inspiring women in the leadership world just like her.”- EMILE Conference Attendee, YMCA San Antonio

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