Suck it: The Restaurant

Suck It: The Restaurant

Suck It: The Restaurant is a Sushi, Ramen, Pho and Bubble Tea restaurant. They provide services such as, waiter service, catering, delivery and take out. They have two locations in San Antonio.


When did Suck It: The Restaurant first realize there was a problem?Owners, Vin and Yen, approached The Social Butterfly Gal  about consulting + developing a influencer marketing event for their newest restaurant. Suck It: Hookah had been open for over five years, however when it comes to marketing online, Vin and Yen had no strategy.  With the opening of their second location, a sushi restaurant, they knew they wanted to effectively reach their audience through an event. The factors leading to this problem included not enough knowledge in practical strategies to increase brand awareness and understanding in how to utilize social media to leverage sales. Before working with SBG, both their Instagram had 150 followers.


During our working relationship and well after, we focused on three primary objectives: Creating a private influencer event, strategically partnering with traditional media and creating a social media plan.

Objective 1. Influencer Event: 32 influencers including members of WOAI-TV, Yelp San Antonio and top SA Foodie Influencers attended the 2-hour private event. The 2-hour event featured a variety of entrees and desserts foodies were able to taste. The hashtag #GoingToSuckIt reach a total of 89K users on Instagram and 13.8K on Twitter.

Objective 2: Partnering With Yelp SA + SA Live:  After the event, Owners Vin and Yen formed a partnership with Thomas of Yelp San Antonio. The partnership lead to Yelp SA hosting a special “Yelp Elite” event where their Bubble Tea went viral. This caught the eye of SA Live, San Antonio’s #1 lifestyle show. SA Live did a segment during their program which ended up going viral on SA Live’s Facebook page. Since the event, Suck it has doubled their revenue and social media following to date.

Objective 3: Social Media Plan: We worked together on new content marketing ideas + leveraging social media so customers may receive up-to-date restaurant updates.