Fiesta San Antonio 2018

Fiesta San Antonio- 2018

Fiesta San Antonio Commission

“A Party With A Purpose!”

Fiesta San Antonio started in 1891 as a one-parade event as a way to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. It has evolved into one of this nation’s premier festivals with an economic impact of more than $340 million for the Alamo City. Fiesta is the Party With a Purpose. The funds raised by official Fiesta events provide services to San Antonio citizens throughout the year. That commemoration still takes place, but for more than a century, Fiesta has grown into a celebration of San Antonio’s rich and diverse cultures.


When did Fiesta San Antonio first realize there was a problem? Rachel Etheredge, Director of Communications, approached The Social Butterfly Gal about working together on an influencer marketing project after realizing Fiesta San Antonio wasn’t utilizing Instagram/Instagram stories to their fullest potential. They wanted to bring more awareness to the 10-day celebration and offer their audience an inside look at each Fiesta event, from small to large scale. Rachel came to the decision that outside assistance was required when she took note in Fiesta’s social media analytic data and noticed no strategy was in place for real-time engagement during previous Fiesta years. Before working with SBG, Fiesta San Antonio had 15, 435 followers on Instagram.


During our working relationship, we focused on three primary objectives for creating an influencer marketing strategy: vetting process, early promotion, and real-time engagement.

Objective 1. Vetting process: We worked together to create a list of 20 local “micro-influencers.” The categories we were after were food + drinks, lifestyle+ culture, and fashion. We vetted the influencers by looking at their engagement rates and the ability to create authentic content. We narrowed the list down to 10 prospects ranging from follower numbers of 1k-10K.

Objective 2: Early promotion: After each influencer was selected, Rachel paired them with sponsors + generated a list of events where they would fit best in and introduced them to each PMO individually. We used a private SLACK channel for communication between ourselves + each sponsor. We also met to define goals and created an outline of promotional details from early promotion to ticket giveways to real-time engagement.

Objective 3: Real-Time Engagement + results: From April 19- April 29, we curated a list and selected an influencer to highlight and take over Fiesta San Antonio’s Instagram Stories. Each influencer had at most two to three takeovers during the 10-day festival and was able to bring awareness to all individual events. Each influencer generated close to 50K impressions within a 24-hour period on Instagram stories which as a whole for Fiesta, brought in 500K impressions. Because of having a strategic Instagram strategy, Fiesta’s followers grew by 5K to 20K followers.