Hustle + Socialize 2019

Project Work: Monthly Social Media Strategy & Management, Monthly Content Marketing Strategy & Execution, Content Marketing Strategy- 3-Day Event, Engagement Management & Critical Response Planning, Monthly Analytic Reporting & SWOT Analysis, Project Analytic Reporting, On-Site Real Time Event Coverage.

Summary: Tangential social media strategy & content and social media campaigns earned Hustle + Socialize 140.4K  impressions on Instagram from December 2018-June 2019. 50.3K impressions on Instagram during the month of June, their conference month. 




Hustle + Socialize content strategy for Instagram earned relevant and authoritative brand mentions which boosted their social media following, totaling a 7.5K in total Instagram engagements in six months. A 15% increase from Hustle + Socialize 2018. 


Engaging Instagram Stories and Instagram content earned Hustle + Socialize a total of 2.1K profile views on Instagram during June 20-June 23, 2019 event time frame.  

Through interactive social media campaigns, on-site social media activations and a social media team,  the hashtag #HustleSocialize19 had over 235 posts and reached a total of 37.6K users. During the conference, the social media team executed real-time social media which their Instagram coverage had over 40K impressions. 





2K Profile Views in three days

235 IG Posts in Conference Hashtag


1.5K Video Views


15% Instagram Follower Growth in 6 months

2.5K reach on Facebook in 7 days

140K impressions on Instagram from Dec 2018- June 2019.




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