Hustle + Socialize 2018

Hustle + Socialize 2018

“Empowering entrepreneurial women & transforming their lives with inclusive events.”  

Co-founded by Christina Jovanna Olivarez and Michelle Vallejo, Hustle + Socialize is a unique professional development conference that empowers entrepreneurial women through personal and professional skill-building. Designed for women who are currently business owners, curators of a digital brand or web presences, as well as women who are organizational leaders. Hustle + Socialize provides attendees with essential tools, techniques, and strategies to achieve greater success on behalf of their businesses, careers and personal lives.


The two visionaries launched the H+S brand in April of 2018 within 65 days leading to the conference. The goal was to have 100 women attend. The two were facing many challenges including, not having a proof of concept, not having an established audience and not having data concerning audience demographics. The Social Butterfly Gal stepped in as the lead marketing/social media marketing director for Hustle + Socialize. SBG utilized organic social media strategies during the two months of promotion for the inaugural conference.


During our working relationship, we focused on three primary objectives for strategically promoting the conference: video marketing, micro-influencer marketing, and real-time social media strategies.

Objective 1. Video Marketing: From the end of March to early April, we were using “Curiosity Marketing” techniques. Curiosity Marketing is about building authentic connections and adding a little bit of mystery to keep your audience interested in your content. Once we established the curiosity, we set a date to go LIVE for a special announcement. H+S tapped into the SBG audience to help gain traction for the announcement. From there we launched a Facebook event, began early bird ticket sales and continued to go live, using video marketing to build relationships with our conference attendees. We sold out on our early bird tickets within two weeks of our April 2018 launch date.

Objective 2: Micro-influencer Marketing: Since Hustle + Socialize is a new brand, we knew the challenging part would be to sell without having a proof of concept. Once early bird tickets were sold out, we tapped into the power of influencer marketing. Our speakers have fantastic networks. So when it came down to help us with general admission ticket sales, we knew our speakers would bring their A-Game. Each time, we announced a new speaker, we provided them with a graphic to share on their social media platforms. When they announced that they were speaking, many of their followers tagged other followers and shared the graphics. We had about 16 speakers, and each of their graphics hit close to 2K reach. The power was in the fact that these women had loyal followers who not only wanted to attend but also wanted to be part of this hustlin’ community.

Objective 3: Real-Time Engagement: Social Media helped promote the conference, but real-time coverage helped us get our name out there. During the conference, we encouraged all attendees to share their posts on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #HustleAndSocialize. From Saturday, June 23 to Thursday, June 28, the hashtag generated over 72, 730 impressions. We had over 1,027 profile visits in under five days. And we received over 10K impressions in under seven days.

Result: Not only did Hustle + Socialize Conference sell out but H+S also brought together 120 women exceeding the goal of 100 attendees. With the success of H+S, a Facebook community launched as well as monthly signature events such as SHE ASKS & Hustler’s Collaboration The conference will expand to a three-day event starting in 2019!