Dealing with social media, depression and the holidays, are you ready for these social media tips? The holidays are upon us. For some, the holidays bring feelings of joy and happiness. But for others, the holidays can stir up unwanted feelings, depression, and anxiety. Our Social media habits can make the holidays a little bit difficult. Spending hours on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter witnessing friends and family enjoying their holiday season, their vacations, or celebrating momentous occasions can elicit deep feelings of depression, envy, comparisons, and shame.

When we’re going through tough times, setting unrealistic expectations and putting pressure on ourselves to make the holidays “picture perfect” as may seem to be the case for our “friends” on social media can set us up for feeling worse.

Today, I’m sharing some tips to help with curbing social media during the holidays. 

Gain a realistic perspective around social media. 

It’s normal for us to showcase our achievements and the highlights of our lives. This is part of the human condition. But, no matter how wonderful a person’s life might appear on social media, life has its down moments for everyone.

Cultivate mindfulness regarding social media habits.

Work on developing mindfulness around the time of day you use social media. For example, if you have a particularly challenging day ahead of you, going on social media in the morning may not be the best decision, especially if it will trigger bad and lingering feelings, making it hard to get on with your day.

If you feel yourself comparing my best piece of advice is to delete your social media apps. 

 If you think seeing posts of friends and family having fun engaging in holiday activities will make you angrier, envious, sad or anxious hold off on going on social media for that hour, day, or week. Wait until you’re in a better emotional place before going back on social media.

Consider joining online groups that can provide emotional support. 

For some, stopping social media or even pulling back from using it as much might be an unrealistic goal. Consider broadening your virtual relationships to include support groups or joining groups and/or professionals pages that offer both advice and support.

Choose the time you spend on social media wisely. Create boundaries for yourself. Create rules and set time limits for your social media. Don’t let social media steal your joy this holiday season.

About Christina: Christina Jovanna Olivarez is a social media strategist, Owner of The Social Butterfly Gal & Co-Owner of Hustle + Socialize. Christina works with your brand to provide the strategy, tactics, comprehensive framework, and solutions you need to attract high-performing engagement on social media platforms consistently. Follow Christina on Instagram @TheSocialButterflyGal.  





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