The holiday shopping season is a busy time for consumers. Consumers are busy shopping for gifts and decorations, but they’re also snapping up bargains on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and planning for the next year ahead, etc. 

With shoppers starting and finishing their purchasing process earlier than ever – and influencers getting booked up by competitors – there’s no time to waste.

Here are some tips for planning a holiday campaign across your social media channels. 

Start Planning Early

 Too many companies choose to wing their holiday campaigns on social media at the last minute.

 This puts social media teams in the unenviable position of being creative on-the-spot, and the results are often less than inspiring.

Something that goes a long way, and is simple, is to use a social media calendar. Map out:

  • When your holiday campaign will start and finish. Plan on running from early November through the end of December.
  • Which channels you’ll utilize. This will most likely incorporate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Twitter.
  • How often you’ll post on each one. Keep it to a reasonable amount of posts. 

Create a Clear Campaign Concept

This is your angle and key message you want to convey that’ll get your brand stuck in your customer’s heads and compel them to buy from you. Come Up with a Campaign Concept and Tagline (or Hashtag) Do your research and look at other campaign examples.

 Write Your Campaign Post Content

Be intentional with your copy. Each post in your campaign should have a reason for existing. There needs to be a clear purpose it’s intended to serve; otherwise, there’s no point in spending time creating it. Before writing, know both of the following points:

  • Which product or URL each post will promote.
  • Where it fits chronologically in the campaign. 

Direct Your Customers To Your Website or Sales Pages

Your customers need somewhere to go. Ideally, they’ll move from your social platforms, directly to product pages. Raise your game by creating a piece of fantastic content, and direct people there instead. Think of it like this: your social media directs people to useful information on your site. This makes it easier to make a sale by not putting all that pressure on social media alone.

Follow these steps:

  • Determine whether you’ll create a landing page, blog post, or curated holiday sale product page. Any of these options may work well.
  • Write a blog post highlighting products. Stress benefits over features and show people how to use them, or otherwise clearly explain their value.
  • Create a social media post for every product in that post. Consider writing something catchy, while including a mention of the product either in the post text, or on an image.

Track your progress

Everything always points back to data. Make sure you have a great social media analytics software that can track metrics so you can meassure your campaign progress. 

The evidence all points to the fact that you need to start planning your holiday strategy right now in order to ensure you get the most out of your end of year push.


About Christina: Christina Jovanna Olivarez is a social media strategist, Owner of The Social Butterfly Gal & Co-Owner of Hustle + Socialize. Christina works with your brand to provide the strategy, tactics, comprehensive framework, and solutions you need to attract high-performing engagement on social media platforms consistently. Follow Christina on Instagram @TheSocialButterflyGal.