Instagram announced on July 17, 2019 that it has begun expanding its test of removing like and video view counts to six more regions, including Ireland, Australia and Brazil. The test is already underway in Canada, with the total like count now replaced with a non-specific ‘Liked by…’ message below post images.

Instagram has said that it’s removing likes as part of a broader focus on user wellbeing.

“We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get. You can still see your own likes by tapping on the list of people who’ve liked it, but your friends will not be able to see how many likes your post has received.” – @Instagram on Twitter.

What does this mean for YOU?

1. More emphasis on storytelling through your content & captions.
2. More focus on creating conversations with your audience through the comments.
3. More emphasis on being authentic with your audience.


At the moment, brands looking to work with influencers can use post like counts as a measure in their assessment. With this change, you won’t be able to see that. You can still use comments as an engagement measure, and you can ask for engagement stats from the influencer his or herself, based on their analytics. But it adds another challenge, which is a subsidiary consideration for marketers, in particular, to keep in mind.


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