Over 500 Million Instagram users are utilizing Instagram Stories for their business or their personal use. One third (1/3) of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. 50% of businesses on Instagram worldwide created at least one story during a typical month
96% of US marketers surveyed plan to continue using Stories ads in the next six months.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Instagram Stories especially when it comes to the way I strategize for my clients.

I surveyed my Instagram audience yesterday concerning how they utilize IG Stories, want to know the results? Five hundred people viewed the stories, and 100 responded!

Out of the 100 people who responded, here are the results.
82% of my audience watch at least 15-30 people’s stories in a day.
90% only get through 5-10 frames in a story.
24% say they’ve been able to get through EVERYONE’s story without exiting.
62% have unfollowed or hid an account because they didn’t have to see that person’s story.

The Most Effective Tactics to Gaining Better Engagement on Instagram Stories.

When it came to “what makes an Instagram story amazing,” the majority of my IG Audience gave me fantastic feedback. Here are the best tactics for effective engagement.

Great Storytelling

Mainly you are a storyteller. When you are crafting Instagram Stories, you must think like a storyteller. Think about a beginning, middle and an end. How will you wrap up your story? You must be a storyteller.


The world is starving for authenticity.
What does that mean for you? Tug on Emotion. Emotion solidifies memory. Whenever we are creating something, it is important to remember that emotion is powerful.


The world is starving for authenticity and laughter. Add a touch of humor to your stories. This will give people a reason to relate to you. Not everything needs to be perfect.

Showing a behind the scenes look at a business or personal life

People love getting a glimpse of the day-to-day tasks. When crafting your IG Story, think about how you can show someone the ins and outs of what you do in your business

Great Photos

Instagram is a very visual platform which also goes for Instagram Stories. Audiences love to see beautiful photos. You can use photo apps to edit photos.


The Social Butterfly GalAbout The Social Butterfly Gal: I’m Christina Jovanna Olivarez, founder of The Social Butterfly Gal. I’m a social media consultant, online marketing expert, & community builder. SBG helps to create hype for your event & brand by providing the strategies, tactics, comprehensive framework, and solutions you need to drive attendance and consistently attract high-performing engagement on social media platforms. I’m also the co-founder of Hustle + Socialize, a conference & community for women entrepreneurs. In between the sips of coffee and social media notifications, you will find me living up to my brand name; being a social butterfly; attending various networking and local events around San Antonio, TX. Follow me on Instagram @TheSocialButterflyGal

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