One way to connect with your audience on Facebook in 2018 without increasing ad budget is to create and regularly participate in Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups offer your fans a place to rally around your brand. It also helps facilitate community and help spread the word about your brand to others.

If you have a Facebook group and are wondering how to increase conversations here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Set Your Goals

Before you do anything, set a goal for your group. What do you want to get out of starting and maintaining a Facebook Group? How will your brand benefit? Are you trying to draw in people who are not aware of your brand and the products you offer? Are you seeking to deepen your connection with people who are aware of your brand and the products you offer, but haven’t converted or taken the next step yet? Are you trying to deepen your connection with people who are already customers, to encourage them to bring in their friends, interact more with your brand, and buy more from your brand? One of the main reasons why we launched a Facebook group for Hustle + Socialize was we wanted to deepen our connection with the attendees who attended our first H+S. It has been rather successful as members of the Facebook group have been collaborating online and offline.

2. Provide Real Value

How will members of your Facebook Group benefit? Why would they want to join in the first place? You must provide real, ongoing value to members of your Facebook Group.

Four ways to increase Conversations in Facebook Groups

Here are some examples:
  • LIVE Q&A’s
  • Exclusive video content
  • Daily Prompts

3. Build Online and Offline Events

For The Swarm Society, the primary functions of the membership community are our monthly in-person workshops that happen every second Monday of the month. One of the reasons why membership includes a Facebook group is to have daily/ weekly conversations and topic starters to keep the momentum going. We also use our Facebook group to post about other community networking events and get-togethers. Having an online + offline experience helps each member and also helps to facilitate engagement.

4. Welcoming new members

Every Monday and Friday in our San Antonio Women in Digital FB group we always welcome new members. We tag their names and ask them to answer three questions that will help us get to know them better so we can be able to serve them in any way. Welcoming new members is a fantastic way to gain engagement and for everyone to get to know one another.

Four ways to increase conversations in Facebook Groups

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