Have social media for your business but not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau with your social and needs that extra push to take it to the next level?

In either scenario, you may consider hiring a social media strategist. Having someone else on deck to create a targeted social media strategy and provide extra hands for creating content may be exactly what you need!

But before you do, it’s helpful to understand exactly how social media strategists can help!

1. Build A Strategy

Social Media isn’t just posting pictures and updating your page whenever you have something to share. It’s about creating goals and have your content align with those goals. Using KPI to measure ROI and having a clear strategic plan for your marketing objectives.

2. Creating Content

Getting your social media strategy nailed down is one thing. Creating unique, compelling content every day, that can be a whole different beast. If you don’t have the resources internally, social media strategists can work with you to develop & create that content for you—whether it’s videos, Instagram content or blog posts.

3. Analytics

How many visitors is your social media driving to your website? What’s the increase in engagement on your Instagram? Social media strategists can help you weed through analytics data (and set you up with other great analytics tools!), so you can best measure—and promote—your social media victories. Having easily digestible, nicely designed reports that you can understand and use

Hiring a social media strategist should improve your social media offering while saving you time. So why hesitate? Before you do any of the above, ask yourself these questions:

1. Why Do I Want to Create, Tweak, or Enhance my Social Strategy?

Is it to raise brand awareness within the next year? Hit certain traffic numbers in the next three months? Or work through a social media crisis in the next week? The more aggressive your reasoning, the better is it to bring someone in.

2. Where do I Need the Most Help?

The must-have social media platforms are changing almost every day, but it doesn’t seem like social media as a whole is going away anytime soon. If you’re needing guidance on creating objective and goals for your platforms, or you need some help creating content but are available to post and promote it, a social media strategist could quickly and effectively elevate your platforms.

If you’re ready to hire a social media strategist, let’s chat!

The Social Butterfly GalAbout The Social Butterfly Gal: I’m Christina, a social media strategist, speaker, mentor helping female creative entrepreneurs transform their online presence with savvy digital strategies. In between the sips of coffee, social media notifications and writing, you will find me living up to my brand name; being a social butterfly; attending various networking and local events around San Antonio, TX.