A strong brand can have a tremendous impact on your company. According to a study done by Gensler, 94% of respondents said they would be highly likely to recommend a brand they were emotionally engaged with.

For a business, one of the most challenging parts is developing that brand. For example, consistent, easily recognizable visuals and solid brand rules are a must. It’s also important to participate in conversations with your audience on social media and to make sure that your employees buy into your brand message.

There are several requirements that you’ll need to address as you develop your brand image:

Identify Your Key Audiences: The first step is to identify your target audiences. Your target audiences will consist of a mix of external and internal groups, including customers, partners, industry analysts, and employees. It’s important to be very specific when defining your audiences.

Determine Critical Business Goals: Building a brand image without knowing your short-term and long-term business goals is ineffective and a waste of valuable resources.

Define Your Brand Persona: Once you have determined your key audiences and critical business goals, you can start to build out your brand persona. Your persona should appeal to customers and articulate your most important differentiators and product benefits. Since your brand persona defines your image, it’s important to keep it simple and relevant.

Develop Key Messaging: After you’ve defined your brand persona and image, document your key messages and align them with your audiences. Your key messages will be the most important takeaways you want your audience to walk away with after interacting with your brand. They should incorporate the unique aspects of your business and value added to customers, with a splash of your brand personality.

Check out the video below for five tips to developing your brand.

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