According to State of Inbound Marketing, 42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical or essential to their business. For your business, that means putting together a killer Facebook plan. Sounds simple, right? Maybe you’re struggling in generating the likes, comments, shares, and clicks that you desire from your social media posts and want to ramp it up in your results. So where do you start? Here are five tips on how to skyrocket your Facebook Engagement.

1. Share Organic Video

It’s no secret that the content that works best for engagement on Facebook is video. More than half of Facebook for business pages are uploading videos and creating organic video content to capture their audiences attention. The Facebook algorithm prefers organic videos that are uploaded to the actual platform and not through YouTube or another third party source. Ideas for video content include expanding on a recent blog post topic, doing a Q&A round, and sharing any tips you may have.

2. Create a Facebook group

Creating a Facebook community is an excellent way to stay connected with your audience while growing a tribe of like-minded individuals who share the same interests. But before you do, be sure you know the WHY of your Facebook group. Do you want to use this outlet to share your best blog and curated content? Do you want to keep followers plugged into your brand? Here are three Facebook groups that have done amazingly well for creatives

3. Taking Advantage of Facebook Live

Tools like Facebook Live are killing it in generating engagement from fans and followers. You can leverage Facebook Live to share your content, take followers behind-the-scenes, host live Q&A broadcasts, and report breaking news.

4. Using Standalone Graphics

Using standalone graphics can have a significant impact on increased engaged. Plan to have a variety of posts that include links and standalone graphics. Test to see which resonates best with your audience and tweak your postings from there.

5. Tracking your analytics

Know what’s working already by taking a look at your analytics through your insights tab. You can see when your audience is on. What days are best to post. What content does well. And your audience demographics.


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