Call to Actions are important. Having a CTA can draw more users to your website. It can also increase conversation rates and increase sales. Many business owners fail to add a call to action on their social media postings or websites.

What is a CTA

A “Call to Action” prompts the reader to do something—sign up for a subscription, click for more information, etc.
It’s about providing your audience with an actionable task. To keep things simple, a CTA provides direction towards the next step, and it should answer the question “Now what?” You can find CTA’s at the end of blog posts or the bottom of a website page. They also can be seen throughout social media messages.

Why you need to learn how to write effective CTAs

CTAs are especially useful because they are trackable—switching up a few words or the placement of your CTA can dramatically affect analytics. For example, when my client Suprise Gift Co. switched their CTA on their Facebook page from “Contact Us” to “Shop Now,” this boosted their click rate by more than 50%.

When you regularly request that your readers do something—share, comment, Retweet, contact me—it gives your content purpose.

Here are five tips for writing compelling call to actions along with examples from fellow business owners.

1. Use actionable language

The whole point of call-to-action marketing is asking your reader to perform a distinct action. Using verbs such as discover, find, etc. can help draw visitors in with intrigue and nudge them towards the action you want them to take.
Ex: @JessCreatives of Jess Creatives

Tips for Writing Effective Call to Actions on Social Media

2. Use ‘you’ and ‘your.’

Because you’re asking a visitor to trust you and do what you ask, it’d be nice to make them feel like you care. Using ‘you’ adds a human touch to the interaction, giving the feel of having a conversation with your reader.
Ex: The Social Butterfly Gal website

Tips for Writing Effective Call to Actions on Social Media

3. Make it easy for your followers to get in touch

Contact us, ’ and similar phrases tell people you’re open to communicating with them. Transparency and open communication are huge selling points that are often overlooked by brands.
Ex: Bless Your Heart Boutique 

Tips for Writing Effective Call to Actions on Social Media

4. Be consistent with your tone

Use the same tone as the rest of your content. Not only does this shape the perception of your brand, but it’ll help visitors make sense of your CTA and thus, make them more likely to take the desired action.

5. Tap into human emotion

FOMO—the fear of missing out—can be incredibly powerful. To take advantage of FOMO in your CTAs, imply exclusivity, immediacy, or an impending expiration date.
EX: @ConfettiSocialCo

Tips for Writing Effective Call to Actions on Social Media

Always remember that a good CTA answers the twin questions of, “What’s next?” and “Why should I?”

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