When it comes to marketing an event, social media should be your best friend. Whether it’s a music festival, a pop-up, a trunk show or a conference, having a social media strategy is crucial. Think about it, your target market IS on social media. They are tweeting about it, posting on Instagram, and using Snapchat to give a sense of FOMO ( fear of missing out) to their audience.

Here are some takeaways for event organizers’ social media strategy according to an article posted on Buffer’s blog.
1. More people talk on social media about an event before the actual event date.
2. The largest amount of social media updates were quotes and multimedia shared during the event (36% of all updates)
3. Top strategies included: Teasing the speaker lineup, providing a photo booth, creating quotes as multimedia

Recently, I had the opportunity to take over Yelp San Antonio’s social media accounts for Yelp Spring Break 2017. During the four-day event, I started to think about all the events I’ve been to or been part of and the importance of a powerful social media presence and strategy. Here are some ways you can build a buzz for your event.

Use Instagram Stories + live as a creative way to reveal speakers and special guest.

You can use Boomerang, Text Tools, Filters and the live feature to craft your message in a way that’s creative.

Facebook Live Giveaways for people with FOMO

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) it’s real. Calm your audiences’ fear by creating new opportunities for them to attend the event. You could go above and beyond with a VIP access giveaway. Make sharing your post a qualification for these giveaways to expand your reach.
Here’s an example from Style Lush TV.


Reposting content from the official hashtag

An official hashtag is important if you’re hosting any event. But before you pick a hashtag, do your research first to make sure the hashtag isn’t already in use. A hashtag is meant to collect all content together. You can retweet quotes from speakers during the event. Feature your audience’s photos on your primary social media accounts. (Don’t forget to tag their handles). You can also have an interactive photo booth that posts pictures directly to social media with the hashtag connected to it. To make your night special getting yourself a photo booth is the best way to capture all the memories and create a buzz, if you are partying down south, you can get a photo booth rental from Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths, they will cater to your needs and get you trending!


Collect everything you have from the event and repurpose it.

You can create a recap video or package everything together to create a series of blog posts where you can do 1. A recap of the event. 2. Lessons You’ve Learned Hosting an event. 3. A Case Study on the event. 4. Feedback from your participants.

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