Let’s drop a major truth bomb, regardless of what you think; your business needs a blog. I know what you’re thinking; Christina, I don’t have time to blog. I’ve got to make some sales, keep up with customer inquiries, be consistent on social media, and work on my products and services… this is all too much! I get it! However, having a blog for your business whether you’re a local boutique, online store or consultant, is a great tool you can use to give your brand value.

Here are some misconceptions about blogging:

  • I have to blog many times a week to get noticed.
    False, in fact, even if you do one blog a week, that will be enough. The key is to provide value, so the post gets shared many times. You don’t want to burn yourself out by creating so much content that no one reads. I switched up my strategy by only posting once a week instead of three times a week and since I’m a member of group boards on Pinterest, a couple of my blog post have been repined over 1K times. And, a post a had written four months ago still brings traffic to my website.

Pinterest Group Boards

  • I don’t have time for blogging.
    MAKE TIME! Batch your days. Spend two hours creating all your content that all you have to do is schedule and share at the days and times you want to share it. I use the first Monday of the month to create and write out blog content. Since my strategy is one post per week, I create a content calendar so I know exactly when I will post and what post is coming up.

A blog gives you the opportunity to tell your story in ways an Instagram picture or tweet can’t.
With a blogging, you’re able to provide a consistent voice for your brand and also share valuable content that’s targeted towards your customers. Need more convincing? Here are three more reasons why your business needs a blog.

You Become a Source of Help

Sharing useful information to your audience makes you more valuable. A way to utilize a blog for your business is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. For example, if you sell beauty products, provide content that will help your customer get ready for the day. You can also share tips on how they can use your products to achieve better-looking skin. Or if you’re a photographer, you can use your blog to showcase your portfolio or even share tips on where all the hot picture spots are in your city.

To help you, here are five questions you can use to create a list of 15 blog topics. (Three topics for each question)

  1. What sort of problems do you face in your business or niche on a frequent basis?
  2. What kind of helpful lists could you create?
  3. Can you show your reader “how to” do something that you do? Give a tutorial?
  4. What tips could you share?
  5. What lessons have your learned or mistakes have you made that are worth admitting?

Your Website/Blog is Your Home Base

Microblogging is becoming the new trend these days. At a recent blogger event, we were discussing how there are a ton influencers in our city that don’t have a blog. That’s fantastic if Instagram is working for you regarding becoming an influencer. But of course, with social media, you don’t own those platforms. Social Media is evolving, and some platforms have come and gone. (Looking at you Vine) By having a website/ blog, that will be where you will grow and change, and the best part is, you own it!

The Social Butterfly Gal SEO

Blogging Improves SEO

Google and blogging are besties! Google will match the question your audience googled to the prefers sites with pages that are frequently updated. Think about any questions your customer has before they purchase a product and tailor your content to these issues. If you’re a WordPress user, you can install the Yoast SEO Plug-In which helps to pick up keywords to improve your SEO ranking. You can repurpose too. Let’s say you did a Facebook Live workshop and wanted to include it on your blog. You can download the Facebook Live video, put it on YouTube and post it as a blog post.

I would think twice if I were you about not having a blog for your business. Blogging is still very much alive!

What content do you like to feature on your business blog? Share in the comments below!

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