Hate it or love it, there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s 2017 and social media is staying. A new year brings opportunity for those who’ve adapted to the new changes (Looking at you Instagram with Instagram Live). If you manage your businesses’ social media, you more than likely took time over the holidays to evaluate your strategy. When it comes to building a strategy that’s effective, one must master certain social media skill sets.

Here are four social media skills you need in 2017

Skill #1 Organization

If you’re not organized with your social media, you will crumble. In fact, you can tell when a business has no organization because of the rollercoaster effect each post is. An example of not being organized is not being consistent. Content calendars should be your jam! By creating a content calendar, you will have exact dates of when content will be released and be able to focus on the goal you want to accomplish.
Planning out social media posts is time-consuming, so keeping track of it all with a content calendar can help cut down on time. A content calendar is easy to create. I built mine via an Excel spreadsheet. I keep track of the content/video content I’m creating for the month as well as, content topics for my newsletter.


Four Skills to have in 2017

Skill #2: Analytics

If you’re not tracking your analytics, you should start NOW. No, really! Tracking your social media analytics is essential because it helps you figure out what is or isn’t working. I use Google Analytics to track website traffic and to see which social media platform brings in the most referrals. With Instagram, I use the analytics button feature that’s part of converting to a business IG account. Tracking my analytics has helped me when it comes to posting styles, hashtags that convert and which days and times bring about the most engagement.

Skill #3: The ability to be punctual

You have a Facebook, a Twitter, an Instagram, a SnapChat and Pinterest. WOAH talk about social media overload. Often, businesses give up on social media because they have difficulties multitasking. Make sure you have your notifications on so you can respond in a timely mater. If it gets to be too much, turn them off when your audience isn’t active.
With multitasking, you can use these tools:

Hootsuite: Social Media Scheduling Tool
Canva: Social Media Graphics Tool
Trello: Project Managment Tool

Need tutorials on how to use these tools? Check out my a la carte services

Skill #4: Being Social

This one is a no-brainer! The number 1 skill you need is to be social on social! That means taking the time to leave a meaningful comment and video content/ Live streams. Getting your brand out there and letting them see you, goes a long way.


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