It’s crazy to think that today, June 1st, is the official one-year anniversary of when I became a small biz owner. Last year, I decided to take The Social Butterfly Gal to the next level and made it an LLC. Year one of entrepreneurship has been one filled with smiles, tears, nerves, sacrifices and lessons. So today, as I re-launch the revamped and reloaded website, I wanted to share with you 12 lessons I learned in my first year in business.


One Year in Business SBG

Lesson # 1: Have a Business Plan.
As you start the beginning stages of going full-time entrepreneurial work or even creating a side hustle, make sure you have a business plan. Create a mission statement, define your niche, who you want to target and determine what you will be offering and how much.

Lesson #2: Fill your Biz Squad with #BOSSGALS
Mentors. Mentors. Mentors. Want to know how I got through year one, by having mentors. My mentors were #BossGals who’ve been in the game for quite some time and have had their lessons and experiences to share. I’ve had lunch, coffee or even Skyped with them. Remember, we are all in this together! Fill your biz squad with mentors or biz besties who can help you along the way.

Lesson #3: Rejection will happen
Rejection will happen. People turned down my services, but I still kept pitching. Instead of focusing on those who rejected me, I started to focus on what was working and why the clients I had were hiring me. When I began to learn what packages weren’t working, I got rid of them. When I saw what blog content wasn’t getting enough traffic, I stopped writing topics like those. The important thing is to learn what is working and stop worrying about what isn’t working.

Lesson #4 Blogging is Crucial for Business
I was branded as a “lifestyle blogger” cause well; that’s the content that was on the blog. But as the months flew by and I was more focused on the biz and gaining clients, I realized my blog content wasn’t providing my niche with the information they needed to sign-up for my services. So I decide to pivot and blog for business. Blogging for business gives your audience a reason to come back to your site and creates a community of loyal readers and followers. While my content might change a bit, I still will have behind the scenes features throughout the months, and all lifestyle events I attend will now be focused on my social media accounts!

One year In business SBG

Lesson # 5. Be flexible
I can tell you that SBG biz is way different now than 365 days ago, and I can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve. Your business will change in so many ways through the years, but you need to go with it. When I started, I had the intention of being a social media management business. I successfully managed Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, accounts for multiple clients at once. Initially, I found it incredibly exciting, then after nine months, I did not. I love to strategize, create witty content and obviously be on social media. But over time, I became less interested in managing the accounts of others on a daily basis. Plus, I was spending all my energy on growing the followings for others and not enough time doing it for myself, for my own business. I knew if I was going to start moving my business into consulting and hosting blogger events and away from management, this had to change.

Lesson #6: It’s okay to be niche
I have a passion for working with creative entrepreneurs who are female that have businesses in the lifestyle industries such as fashion, beauty, design, food, etc. I was so nervous to put that out there because I thought if I was too “niche” I wouldn’t be able to find a client. As soon as I put it out there that I was solely interested in working with creative female entrepreneurs in the lifestyle industries, the inquiries started flowing!

Lesson # 7: You will make mistakes
Just like lesson number 4 about rejection, mistakes are inevitable. But what’s most important is that you learn from those mistakes. I’m always learning through trial and error. For example you don’t need to splash out on your business as much as you think, like when managing the invoices for your employees and clients you could just use free invoice templates you don’t need to buy expensive systems for this like I thought! You can find more start up business mistakes and solutions at

First Year In Business SBG

Lesson # 8: Know your worth
Your skills are valuable. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you aren’t. Know your worth when it comes to compensation. If they question how much you charge, blow them away with your skills. Knowing your worth and standing up for yourself is vital.

Lesson # 9: Be authentic
There are so many entrepreneurs out there who do the same things you do but guess what, who cares. Want to stand out in a big pond? Be authentic. Authenticity is what will set you apart from the others. Use it and own it!

Lesson # 10: You must take action
You must be strategic about everything! If you want to grow your blog traffic, then strategically create an action plan as to how you are going to build your blog. Will you attend blog conferences, blogger meet-ups, guest post, etc.? I’ve learned that you can’t just sit back and expect things to fall into your lap; you have to take action and become smart about everything.

Lesson #11:Results don’t happen overnight
Your business will constantly be evolving, and you will always be learning. The entrepreneurial path is a journey! Make it fun, exciting and know it is so worth it!

Lesson #12: If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life
I can say without any doubt that I love what I do & love the amazing clients I get to work with. I also love the long hours that goes into building up a biz. The Social Butterfly Gal was my calling, and I’m so blessed to be able to live it out every day!

First Year In Business SBG

SBG Notes: Since it is the one year anniversary of my business, I’m very excited to share with you the newly revamped The Social Butterfly Gal website! The site features BRAND NEW services(YES, I am accepting NEW CLIENTS, YAY), blog content categories, client testimonials and more!

Take a look at the site by clicking the “Start Here” page, see the new pages and let me know what you think in the comments section below!





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