#BossGal is The Social Butterfly Gal’s monthly Q&A series that introduces some of the amazing female creatives that encourage and motivate me on a daily basis. This month, I’m excited to feature Brittney Lynn- Online Marketing For Small Businesses 

I met Brittney about a year ago during a Twitter chat. We bonded over being Texas gals and soon started to follow each other on Instagram. Earlier this year, I got to collaborate with her for her “Day In The Life” blog series– where I gave her audience an insight into what my day as an event + social media strategist looks like. Since we had a blast collaborating, I thought it would be awesome for her to sit down with me for my BossGal Q&A series.

1. Tell me all about yourself and what you do.

Hi! My name is Brittney Lynn and I’m an online marketer and PR professional for online business owners. I started my business in January 2016 and have been loving it since day 1! I primarily work with online business owners who knows online marketing is important but they need help with implementing all of their marketing campaigns. I do a variety of work for clients including, ghostwriting, email funnel creation, social media management, campaign launches, and public relations work. PR is something new I’ve added to my services, and I’m loving it! I help business owners get onto popular podcasts and get featured in appropriate media. It’s fun!

2. Why did you want to get into Entrepreneurship?

I never thought I would get into entrepreneurship. No one in my family is an entrepreneur so I had no clue what it meant to be your own boss. I started listening to Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn back in 2012 and was introduced to this whole new world of running an online business. I was hooked ever since then and eventually made the leap myself at the beginning of 2016!

3. Tell us about your business and any additional info you want to share.

There are two sides to my business: 1) client work (which I listed above) and 2) helping other freelancers/entrepreneurs start their own business. I think people just starting out can relate to me because I started from the ground up. My husband and I spent 2.5 years paying off our debt prior to me starting my own business, which is a little different than what people typically do. When I started, I had moved to a new town where I knew no one, had no online presence whatsoever, and had no client prospects. I grew my business the grassroots way, by in-person networking and referrals (no paid ads!) and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in a year and a half.

My email list and future digital products will be geared toward the beginner business owner so they can get started like I did.

4. What has been your most challenging yet rewarding part about being a online marketing coach?

Putting yourself out there! I have an easy time helping my clients put themselves out there but when it comes to marketing my own business? I’m terrified! I’ve definitely gotten better at it but it’s still intimidating to me at times. Being a business owner has increased my self-confidence for sure.

5. What advice would you give those who want to start their own business?

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Yes, that is in all caps but I think it’s necessary. I think people extremely undervalue building real relationships with people, whether it be in person or hopping on Skype with someone you follow on Instagram. Like I mentioned earlier, almost all of my clients have been a referral, I haven’t had to do much work to promote myself.

Tell everyone you know that you’re starting a business and ask them to recommend people they know to you. Your family and friends may not need your services but they may know someone that does, you never know!

 Want to connect with Brittney?  Visit her website, Facebook page and Instagram! 


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