#BossGal is The Social Butterfly Gal’s monthly Q&A series that introduces some of the amazing female creatives that encourage and motivate me on a daily basis. This month, I’m excited to feature Jess Freeman of Jess Creatives.

Jess Freeman is a graphic + web designer for the everyday entrepreneur. I meet Jess the way most creatives do, online. Throughout 2016, we were following each other via Twitter and Instagram. She asked me to participate in her “Journeys in Business” series, which you can find the YouTube Interview by clicking here!  While prepping for Q2, Jess had some time to sit down with me for our #BossGal Q&A.

1. Tell me all about yourself and what you do.

Hey hey! I’m Jessica Freeman, the face behind Jess Creatives. I’m a graphic and web designer who works with service-based entrepreneurs to help their brand shine through every level of their business. I’m also a YouTuber and podcaster! You can pretty much find me in sweatpants, sipping Diet Dr. Pepper, any day of the week! I live in Atlanta with my husband, Aaron, and our pup, Morgan.

2. Why did you want to get into web/graphic design and how did you get started?

I grew up being as an artsy kid – I loved to draw, to scrapbook, and to take pictures. In high school, I was on our school yearbook staff, which is when I really fell in love with photography and design. I decided right away that I wanted to study graphic design in college, and I even did some freelance work in college. After I graduated, I got a design internship, and thankfully was able to find jobs in my field! I worked for a few different churches over the next few years, and a design agency as well. It wasn’t until I worked at the agency that I really started to get into web design! In October 2014, I quit my job, and took Jess Creatives full-time. It’s been an amazing two and a half years of being my own boss!


3. Tell us about Jess Creatives and any additional info you want to share.

My main goal with my clients, and my audience, is to simplify design. I constantly think about the amazing feeling of being able to quit my job and go full-time, and I so want to share that with others. I believe one way that I can do that is through teaching others how to build their brand, and to have a polished presence online. I believe great design could be the launch pad for taking their business to the next level. 

When my freelance work really started to pick up after college, I didn’t really know many entrepreneurs my age. I somehow found one of the few freelance Facebook groups, saw people my age doing what they love, and felt like I found “my people.” In those years of having Jess Creatives as a side-hustle, I learned so much (and still do) from other people. I was so clueless about this world of online entrepreneurship.

Between the Facebook groups, conferences, and my masterminds, I just know that I wouldn’t be here without others help. So, I want to be sure that I’m doing the same for my clients and my audience. That’s also a big reason that I launched the Sweatpants and Hustle retreat – to have a place where others could connect online AND in-person.

4. What has been your most challenging yet rewarding part about being an entrepreneur?

Facing my insecurities and overcoming fears has definitely been challenging! I’ve always heard that marriage is one of the most refining experiences you will go through in life, because your flaws are “highlighted” in a way. While I totally agree with that statement, I also think the same could be said for entrepreneurship.

As a business owner, we have all these ups and downs, and we also have to wear many different hats. Some hats are easier to wear than others! It’s through all of these experiences that we have to work through our fears and insecurities. The great part is, that it’s going to help us become better people, better friends, and better business owners! 

5. What advice would you give those who want to go start their own businesses?

This goes back to facing your insecurities and fears, but get out of your comfort zone! Try new things, and stop being afraid of failure. We’ve all had failed launches, product flops, or have just had things go wrong. Whenever you do try something new, give it a few tries before you give up. Try videos for a few months, go to more than one meet-up, invest more than once.

Want to connect with Jess? Visit her website, YouTube Channel and Instagram! 


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